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    1. Enoch says:

      866-850-4419 is the call back number that they leave. They either are (A) a collection agent for the New York Sports Club, or (B) What appears to by (judging by other comments) some overseas company whom hacked the database of old NYSC customers and pursued to illegally misrepresent themselves.

    2. Geraldo says:

      This number has been calling for months. Since it was a weird number I never answer. Finally I did. Then it all made since. It is Nuvell Financial. They finance vehicles for GMC. When I am falling a little behind on my payment and don't answer the calls that have their name on the ID because I know I'm a week or so late, they start calling from this number.

    3. Carmen says:

      Just received a phone call from this number stating that I was selected for a 9,000 dollar grant.  I asked 4 times to remove my number from their call list and was questioned each time with " you are seriously going to turn down free money?"

    4. Mason says:

      Phone scam from someone trying to take advantage of the death of my grandmother, requesting that death certificates be faxed to them. Avoid

    5. Ethan says:

      same thing, text saying hello..wtf

    6. Tyson says:

      also connected to number 678-208-7373

    7. Bud says:

      Received a call from 201-204-1483 (caller name: Adam-Curtis) - date:05-10-10 at 8:30pm  - left a voicemail message to call the telphone number:1-877-234-1835 x 6834 informing to call by 4:30pm today (dated:05-11-10) to esclate the matter that is due in september 09 or else action will be taken. Blocked the number with the telephone comany

    8. Forest says:

      fake collection call, claim to have papers to serve.

    9. Rudy says:

      YES, they have called me several times but never leave a message.  Thanks fror eating up air time unnecessarily morons!

    10. Marcellus says:

      They called me asking for some steven! they have called me everyday since last year! (2010) i'm not even a GUY and they won't stop, even after i asked them too!

    11. Donny says:

      talks about FBI warning on home breakins.

    12. Isaiah says:

      I got a call from this number AND they call me twice in one day as of MON MAR 15 2010.

    13. Randell says:

      I got the same call from a person named Christopher Daniels.  He was the one who called me so I was suspicious why he has my name and number.  I told him I will call back so I can check if he is legit.  I am very suspicious . . .

    14. Philip says:

      Don't know who this is, but they keep calling every 20 to 30 minutes. Sometimes I get a recorded message to the effect of "to accept charges for this call press ... or, mostly, no message. But the calls are persistant. The origin is from Watertown, NY.I don't know of any person I know that has a Watertown exchange or cell number. So far today since later this morning it's been non-stop every 20 to 30 minutes.

    15. Neil says:

      He is leaving mesg about paying for sex plz ha e him stop