201-688 Phone Me Not

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    1. Luke says:

      they called and I called back and it said disconnected

    2. Kevin says:

      Got a call from a weird guy. I would say hello, and all he did was make weird noises. I would ask " who are you ?'' And he wouldnt reply. I would then hang up and he would call me back twice. It was creepy. I dont where this person got my number.

    3. Burl says:

      Just got the call from this number, and judging by the responses I'm readng, I must agree. I had service done on my Toyota over the weekend, and received a call from this number today.

    4. Pat says:

      Answered phone, no one there. Phone ID said "Alabama Calling"

    5. Octavio says:

      calls a lot but do not leave messages. I have do not call list. I guess does not work.

    6. Ambrose says:

      Recieved a three calls back to back. I never answer any numbers I don't know, so did a google search and seen all this information. Thank you all for posting! I was at a home show last weekend and put in for some prizes so I might have fallen for it!!

    7. Darius says:

      Actually there is an easy way. Next time hear the voice message till the end, it says press 1 to answer the survey or 3 to be removed from our list.

    8. Dante says:

      I knew it was spam and didn't answer

    9. Fidel says:

      ROBO CALLER does not leave a message. CID: 312-683-9646, Chicago, IL. Return call picked up by machine claiming they are a telemarketing service.  Consider a SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER

    10. Alan says:

      Called me at work, said I would be arrested within 2 working days! For what I don't know!

    11. Dario says:

      Tring to get credit card info for shipping on free magazines saying u r entered in a drawing to win 25,000 dollars

    12. Kent says:

      Today i also got a call from the same number...can u tell me from where this call is coming ????

    13. Terrell says:

      repeatedly calls and we NEVER answer as it is a strange number and area is alabama. dont know anyone in alabama

    14. Aron says:

      Collection Agency, a particularly Persistent One at that!

    15. Octavio says:

      said they were the Colorado Police Detective Association