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    1. Raymond says:

      calls almost twice every hour and my voicemail is full. in their messages they ask for some girl and say we know where you are stop hiding. onced i picked up and didnt say anything and they kept yelling her name. if you pick up then hang up they will blow up your phone! cant stand these people! they are rude and ignorant. they must hate their lives!

    2. Graig says:

      I've received 3 calls from this number. The calls have been in spanish.

    3. Saul says:

      Lavonne Mcghee Is a CrackHead Who Steals.

    4. Kerry says:

      Miami based telemarketing, promoting health enhancing products

    5. Bradley says:

      Wanting to lower my interest rate.

    6. Esteban says:

      This was on caller ID as a Texas Call.  Quite frankly, it sounded like my ex-boyfriend, who claimed to be calling regarding online education.  I have had online education come up on my caller ID, but it was an 800 number.  My ex-boyfriend's previous phone (if it was him and he changed his number) would come up on caller ID as Texas Call.  Strange, very strange.

    7. Dirk says:

      Two calls on successive days. I don't know anyone in Maine.

    8. Gilberto says:

      stalker!!!!! stalker!!!! warning!!!!

    9. Samual says:

      1-205-000-0000 name unknown number unknown hung up when i answered

    10. Glenn says:

      they keep calling my cell phone and don't leave a message.

    11. Lucas says:

      I received a call from  213 261 0620 which left a 855 690 2982 number to call regarding a debt which does not belong to me and it claims its calling for the purpose of having me hit #9 to speak with a rep or to be served by a process server oh well please do serve the wrong person I'd be glad to testify on behalf of the real victim.

    12. Johnson says:

      I got a call but then when i called the number back it didn't do anything. no ring. nothing

    13. Adrian says:

      caller called, said my name, asked if this was me then i said who is this and he said his name was darius and hung up. i called back and voicemail came on

    14. Sandy says:

      man has called my mother every day for the last 2 weeks trying to get her to wire $2500 to receive $500,000 in return - luckly her bank would not wire the money for her and told her it was a scam, but she withdrew the money and wired it from Wal-mart anyway - she gave me the number that was calling her, but told me "not to call and bother that nice young man with a wife and 3 kids" - this guy really has her snowed! - I called the number and got what sounds like a computer/fax line - he told her he was with the US Dept of something and even let her talk to a lady in his office that was with the US Dept of Consumer Affairs to assure her this was not fraud or a scam....beware!!

    15. Dewey says:

      This gal left a msg on our home business phone but I don't know what she was selling. Alex or S. Alexandria. I did not return her call.