202-302 Phone Me Not

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  • 202-302-0731
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  • 202-302-0740
  • 202-302-0741
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    1. Bradley says:

      THIS MAY BE A SCAM. Scammers are using bought/hacked loan application data to extort payments for fictitious debts from victims and victims' families and friends.

    2. Cecil says:

      The number called but left no message.

    3. Walker says:

      Called the first time , selling insurance , my husband told them he was not interested , same day called again ,I told them not to call any more ,, called a third time I told this girl I already told you all not to call ,SHE HUNG UP ON ME ! called a fourth time all same day ! today ! I explained that they have already called 3 times she said this was her 1rst time to call !!  it does not matter .. the same number on caller ID the same  insurance co ... STOP CALLING US !! 4 TIMES ONE DAY !!

    4. Carmen says:

      Don't bother to answer this caller. Citimortage NEVER calls you from a cell phone. These or this person is a scammer. Report them to the donotcall.gov. Get your whistle or horn out and blast their ear. Mabye they'll get the message.

    5. King says:

      Called me a minute ago.. told me I was a 'winner of a sweepstakes through users of Visa/Mastercard/Discover/etcetcetcetc. cards"............ I was actually searching through phone scam videos & posts on this site & others, so I hung up shortly after she said what I posted. SCAMMMMMMM.. and 30 minutes ago I received another call from a random 218 number, that when I searched, turned up many posts about it being a scam call.

    6. Reuben says:

      I have been recieving 2-3 calls every working day for the last 4 weeks. SO ANNOYING!

    7. Adolfo says:

      Sent text stating that I won $1000 and need to respond next 24 hours. I never entered any contest or name to target. Did not respong

    8. Kevin says:

      They keep calling and I know its not for me, I just got the number :/

    9. Felipe says:

      Stop callin me i dont kno who u r dang nd if u calll again im go cuss u out

    10. Monty says:

      call stating to go to a website if you want more money (spam)

    11. Patricia says:

      Ed Martinez, apart of the Amway scam, he will lie and say you wrote a bad check or your summoned for court, he wants you to send him money.....100% SCAM!!!

    12. Sid says:

      Hi is there anyone tells me who's the owner of this number? I think it is a spam number

    13. Willis says:

      Keeps sending me text messages about receiving free iPhone 5.

    14. Renaldo says:

      Very annoying people. Thank goodness for Mr. Number.

    15. Bradly says:

      Spam its a salesman 5 hour energy rip off. It sucks