202-404 Phone Me Not

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  • 202-404-4294
  • 202-404-4295
  • 202-404-4296
  • 202-404-4297
  • 202-404-4298
  • 202-404-4299
  • 202-404-4300
  • 202-404-4301
  • 202-404-4302
  • 202-404-4303
  • 202-404-4304
  • 202-404-4305
  • 202-404-4306
  • 202-404-4307
  • 202-404-4308
  • 202-404-4309
  • 202-404-4310
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  • 202-404-4313
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    1. Alfredo says:

      There is not way to stop getting calls from this people. They are extremely abusive with the number of calls.

    2. Brett says:

      I have had at least eight. They call, I answer and no one is there. I call the number, above, and it says this is a non working number of the Missouri National Guard. The call comes out of St. Louis MO.

    3. Tom says:

      Texted about free walmart gift card. never given walmart my number or signed up for anything free...

    4. Weldon says:

      This Intelius Company, phone number 209-825-2873 Has bother us so many times in the last few months.  I am on the no call list and I gather they want to lower my cred card rate.  When I talk to them and told them not to call me anymore they put me on hold.  From going on the reverse cAll number the company is called Intelius, they have a land line and are in Manteca, California.  Maybe we should all get together and sue them.  I have been harassed by them so much I could just cry.  

    5. Jackson says:

      "San Antonio Express News customer service department"

    6. Gaylord says:

      I've received several calls to my TextPlus number, which doesn't allow calls to be made. These usually occur once a week.

    7. Valentine says:

      like 50 texts. getting really annoying

    8. Cedric says:

      Asked to put free home security in my house

    9. Sterling says:

      Answered and they hang up so added it to our cordless phone call blocker log now it just rings once and cuts them off. But have been receiving multiple calls a day for a week from this number.

    10. Alvaro says:

      Sending texts about a Bestbuy Giftcard... Total SCAM.

    11. Kelvin says:

      They began calling me after I posted something for sale on Craigs List.  Poster beware?  Since I have caller ID, I let the call go to voice mail, but maybe I'll answer and see what they say.  They never leave a message.

    12. Enoch says:

      No one answers but I hear noise in the background. Also received similar calls from 2 other phone numbers.

    13. Andy says:

      Got a call from this number 2 days in a row.  No message left.

    14. Cody says:

      Calls my home every night. Unknown appears on I D. I don't answer. Get the hint people.....I won't talk to you if you hide  who you are.

    15. Wilfredo says:

      Do not recognize the number