202-668 Phone Me Not

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    1. Joaquin says:

      11 calls and noone is there if i answer

    2. Francis says:

      Received call from this number while I was on another call. No voicemail message. I called back and received a terse "this number has been disabled" message. Like hell it has, it just called me!

    3. Andrea says:

      Get a call blocker on your cell phone and just add all the numbers to it or allow only numbers you know. I had to get one because of multiple calls from these dumb a** scammers.  DO NOT GIVE IN AND GIVE ANYMORE INFORMATION AND DON'T SEND ANY MONEY. i would also get a program like McAfee to monitor your internet browsing and check websites before they load. Lavasoft Ad-aware professional is great for doing these things it helped me out wonderfully. the sites you signed up for probably were hacked or unsecured.

    4. Jason says:

      College an I want themTo stop calling

    5. Will says:

      people calling pretending to be relatives.

    6. Toby says:

      I think this is an H&R block number. They keep calling me.

    7. Walton says:

      keep getting calls from this number.same thing foreign voice saying i have issues withwindows on my computer.wanted remote access to my pc.1 little problem.i have a mac.not windows.beware of this scam.these people need to get a real job.and leave us alone.

    8. Cody says:

      I just got a call from this number today. It just rang and all of a sudden they hung up the phone. I believe you that its a scam going on, because i think its already bad enough that i am getting calls from Nigeria over a phony lawsuit over prescription pills for birth control and stupid s*** like that. Now i'm getting scammed calls from an unknown person in gig harbor. I mean good god i wish i would not get calls like that because i have panic attacks every time i get calls from a phone number i don't recognize and other stuff. So next time if i get a scam phone call ever again i will put this in the media next time!

    9. Gregorio says:

      We were called as well (I posted a comment above).  In searching this number more, I think I found their company information.  Please see:  

    10. Riley says:

      Omg, this number calls me every single day atleast 3 to 5 times a day and when I answer they dont say nothing..

    11. Sydney says:

      Dont have nothing to say to u.

    12. Kareem says:

      Same crap, the guy comes on when I have picked it up and says, You have something wrong with your computer, this is how to fix it.... then i hung up, cause i have no problems, really... lol

    13. Rolf says:

      this number needd to remain blocked

    14. Rusty says:

      if you look and see how many numbers they call a day that adds up to mega bucks, i would love to sit and dial numbers all day at .40 each i would never work again

    15. Monte says:

      I was called by a career center but I'm unsure what company this may have been from