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    1. Shad says:

      Once they couldn't reach me at the first phone number they tried calling me from (310 794 2772), they started calling me using this number. It is the UCLA Alumni Association.

    2. Rhett says:

      Debit collector boarder line harassment

    3. Devin says:

      Someone called my house phone (which I never receive personal calls on) and asked for me by mis pronouncing my name so obviously they didn't know me. I asked who the caller was and the line suddenly went dead. I googled the number and this website came up...creepy

    4. Abel says:

      solicited about doing a survey.

    5. Chang says:

      I got a call this morning from this number...claiming to be from NBC bank (never heard of it) and saying that my account was overdrawn.  When I said I wasnt a member of that bank and that I thought this was a scam, naturally the person hung up.  When I dialed the number back...surprise...disconnected.

    6. Charley says:

      dont know who you are and leave my phone alone

    7. Whitney says:

      called me three days with 6 times a day.Tried to answer but no on other end & no message was left.

    8. Mauricio says:

      10:01. Caller id said Janis Music Co.  Did not answer...left no message.

    9. Cletus says:

      This is a scam, do not anwser and request to have number blocked!

    10. Carmelo says:

      J Richard Dye, the sole owner/operator of "Blue Sky Renovations" in Indianapolis, Indiana uses (317) 717-2638. Mr. Dye abandoned a renovation project before it was completed, and took the property owner for several thousand dollars, and left the property in shambles. Mr. Dye refuses to communicate or make good on his contractual obligations, promises or assurances to finish the renovation.

    11. Florentino says:

      When you call back the number is not in service. :-?

    12. Abram says:

      soliciting for medical insurance.

    13. Michale says:

      "For the assistance you requested with improving your credit, reply YES8 now." Where did they get your phone number from? Are any of you selling things on craigslist? I have furniture listed on there now and I'm thinking they got my number from the ad.

    14. Shannon says:

      This number will pop up on the caller ID while conducting business, they hang up-it is disruptive. I would appreciate it the calls will cease and desist.

    15. Billy says:

      This number keeps calling me every afternoon at 1:45 CST. No one talks. I call back and a robot voice says Press 1 to remove from the calling list. Nothing happens when I press 1 for days! I am frustrated.