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    1. Tyron says:

      This girl called me looking for a boyfriend I don't know!!!;( I'm scared I'm only 14!

    2. Cedric says:

      Automatic call, no voice information, just long silence.

    3. Branden says:

      Said they were from a credit card company and were calling on card security, when i questioned them on why they were phoning me they did not answer....credit card scam i think be warned!!!

    4. Napoleon says:

      Won't quit calling, leaves no message.

    5. Chung says:

      This is Integra Telecom probably making a sales call but wouldn't know for sure since they don't possess the professionalism to leave a message. Funny thing is that I am an Integra customer and they have cold called me several times. What does this say about a telecommunications company that doesn't even know who their customers are? Their rates are far better than Qwest but don't expect great customer service!

    6. Samuel says:

      We get a call from this number a few times a week. Spanish recording. No opportunity to respond. I'll have my daughter listen to this since she is fluent in Spanish but we are not!

    7. Dane says:

      Same with me. I also got a similar call asking for "Jeremiah Webster" regarding a medical account balance. Definite scam

    8. Arden says:

      Do not ever call my phone playing on my phone because my phone is showing me your address so if you

    9. Arturo says:

      leaving unwanted text messages

    10. Clayton says:

      That isn't boot camp its Illinois prison systems call monitor service. They record all conversations, and only handle the prison systems. I've called back several times to try to get the calls stopped and no they only handle correctional facilities

    11. Charlie says:

      Text spam for e-cigarettes. Received a text from this number before 8am. It addressed me by my first name, asking if I "still smoked", and giving a link to www.nosmoke77.com. Message said it was from "Alan". I have never contacted any such company, or any type of smoking company. I'm also on the Do Not Call list.

    12. Benito says:

      Freedom Ring Communications are Scammers that try to steal your identity when they call you from their Maine phone number 207-493-2647

    13. Antonia says:

      WIU calling any day and weekends after 8PM anoying, asking for money, STOP IT !!!!

    14. Cliff says:

      You can call the number back and reach an automated system where you can unsubscribe your number.

    15. Harris says:

      This appears to be one of those jerk scammers that wants to buy your car, boat, cycle, etc sight unseen via paypal if you'll just provide all your information.You can bet your @ss this is a scam