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    1. Buford says:

      No calls or texts from this number

    2. Chester says:

      Well looks ok but I'm about to see

    3. Walton says:

      This number called me 2 times and I dont know who they are

    4. Gary says:

      I just got a call from this number today while I was at work.  I didn't answer so I have no idea what they wanted.

    5. Robt says:

      Cell phone thief called this number a bunch from our cell.

    6. Carter says:

      My phone is on the do not call list. I have been getting calls from this number for several days. There is never any sound or answer when I answer the calls. I wish this phone number would quit calling me. My phone is for my convience and safety, not for some annoying fool to bother me for whatever ...

    7. Collin says:

      yes he having been texting my phone calling me names n stuff but i just need for him to stop texting my phone like forreal with that childish mess

    8. Royce says:

      They call ALL the time, never leave a message, and when I answer, nobody is there and it hangs up. When I tried to call them back I just got a fast busy signal.

    9. Rickey says:

      I have been getting calls looking for my sister from the same number - he has cursed at me threatened me and yelled at me. I had my boss who is a lawyer speak to them and tell them even if they were legit (which they are not) what they are doing is against the fair debt collection act law - after months of harrasment I filed a complaint with the attorney general and condumer affairs - case # c1-1-603262882 - I siggest you add on to the complaint so we can all end the madness.

    10. Calvin says:

      received the text message "The yahoo messagenger user anna-80tb has sent you a message. Reply with Y to this message to accept. For more info visit mobile.yahoo.com from 11111440601'

    11. Phillip says:

      I received this phone number in an email from a spammer responding to my craigslist add

    12. Dale says:

      some stupid freedom mortgage company looking for random people. I have called them twice to remove my number!

    13. Jeremy says:

      Shawn, the lowlife bipolar kid..

    14. Heath says:

      I answered the phone, they said nothing and hung up

    15. Branden says:

      dont call and hang up,,,that is not right or polite