203-843 Phone Me Not

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    1. Gregorio says:

      some jerk called and wouldnt stop demanding to who i was. he was rude and forceful.

    2. Randy says:

      phone number also came up on skype and then hung up. we seem to get these calls from different numbers all the time even though we are on the no call list. I really do not know how they can get away with this.

    3. Palmer says:

      Harrassing phone calls, multiple times daily. Will not stop calling after repeated request. on do not call list and they still call

    4. Duncan says:

      Did not take call. Do not recognize number.

    5. Orlando says:

      I just got the same call today 04/17/2010 from Thoroghbred Re.

    6. Rayford says:

      Answering machine with no name... suspicious

    7. Kraig says:

      Called my number that is on DNC list twice today. I just tried to call it back and the number is not available.

    8. Leonard says:

      do not talk to this person

    9. Rusty says:

      No idea who these people are. Calls once, I would say, every couple of weeks or so. Asks for some "Tony" and is told he has the wrong number. Apparently not the brightest tools in the shed. No idea who it is, if it is a personal or corporate number.

    10. Kristopher says:

      this is a mortfage telemarketing firm

    11. Garth says:

      Thank You for these alerts , they are jerks, they kept calling me today saying the same thing. Also if you listen to the person talking i highly doubt that the agency would first call and swear.

    12. Rocky says:

      rec'd call and no answered

    13. Thurman says:

      i got a call from some one from delhi police and a case has been registered aganist you and you have to come to delhi court and pay some money.They said i have a arrest warrent..How come a case go to delhi when iam from bangalore.

    14. Timothy says:

      I keep getting a call from this number too. I called it back and a guy from Direct Buy answered trying to sell me crap i don't need. I just hung up. Probably a solicitor.

    15. Bobby says:

      I got a call from this flipping AUTOMATED service trying to get me to press 1 to be connected to someone to handle my YAZ birth control claim. telemarketers now calling me at work? Can I sue them for harassment and have them fined $25,000? I called the number back and it reported it was an autiomated UNSUBSCRIBE service. I never subscribed in the first place!!! How the hell do I get ahold of a real person so I can rip them a new asshole and then call my attorney? The FED should make it legal for the average consumer to hunt down and shoot telemarketers for sport upon the 3rd unwanted call.