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    1. Thomas says:

      It was aa hang up call and I didn't get the name of the caller

    2. Eldon says:

      I have been receiving a lot of calls from this number I don't answer them.Figure they must be soliciting, my number is suppose to be unlisted! It just says unknown and the number.

    3. Forest says:

      They call and I hear nothing on the other side.

    4. Alton says:

      Automated call about travel dollars

    5. Elroy says:

      So much for do not call lists!

    6. Clemente says:

      Hmm...I am not a member of NASW.  Why would they be calling me?

    7. Dante says:

      they are the fedaral goverment and have a law suit against me.

    8. Raymon says:

      "Hi Baby" at 12:15 in the morning

    9. Casey says:

      I am getting 1-5 phone calls from :"Medical Business Directory." They are Indian speakers w/ heavy accents. They want general business information but as the conversation goes on, I understand them less and less due to accent. They won't take no for an answer for any questions. I am now just hanging up. While this may be a legit business, I don't  provide any more information than basics- business name, address, phone. The phone call takes at least 3 minutes of time before I hang up. They cannot understand me and vice versa.  I have high suspicion for spam-type phone calls like this and don't have much patience.  Finally I've requested many times to remove me from their call list.

    10. Rocco says:

      I have received at least 3 calls a day from this number, sometimes as many as 7 times a day. They never leave a message.

    11. Nicolas says:

      Said they was from publishing and started to ask personal information, I ask wht it was for she hung up

    12. Ward says:

      i too getting calls frm this no.

    13. Sal says:

      Receive calls from this number. Say they are American Gas and Oil. ask to speak to husband. refuse to speak to me. Called them back got answer machine. Called last week, from  different number but still said were American Gas and oil. Called that number it had been disconnected.Figure they are scammers. Will block number.

    14. Williams says:


    15. Arnoldo says:

      The name trying to rent out the house was (Jeremy Lee Steen)  12/11/2012 wanting to rent a house on   6482 Galeta Dr Colorado Springs, CO  Knowing that the homes in this neighborhood range around $1,200.00.  I questioned the rental being $500 a month.  He kept pursuing the rental, then wanted the money wired to him.  I told him No, I don't wire money, I would meet with his Attorney in person, at his office in Colorado Springs, then pay him.  I sent him a private message on the real Jeremy Steen's facebook so only the real Jeremy Steen would be able to answer.  When he called with a HEAVY hispanic accent, I told him "you are not the real Jeremy", you will have to answer from Your facebook account.  Then he hung up.   Also on the application I would not give my Social Security number.