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    1. Denny says:

      NEW  !!!!     RASH  OF  INCOMING   FAKE  /  BOGUS  PRANK  CALLS   from  the  "  209"  area  code !!!

    2. Jarrod says:

      Don't text my phone no more

    3. Leif says:

      Name unavailable, phone number 310 -000-0001.  When I picked up one answered.  I'm on don't call list I can see that it is a waste of time

    4. Bobby says:

      got a missed call from this number.

    5. Delmar says:

      It's someone from master cuts because I gave them a bad review on my survey. They won't leave me alone!

    6. Trevor says:

      Credit card service for a credit card that doesnt exist

    7. Diego says:

      Same as the others.  No voicemail.

    8. Kyle says:

      I just reported the phone number to consumer fraud reporting

    9. Gavin says:

      I Received degital sounding call saying "if I am NOT sam jones to HANG up.

    10. Darryl says:

      Calls to much, dose not say anything

    11. Jewell says:

      I received 2 calls on August 15, 2012 from 201-620-6446 and no one is there! How can I stop these calls? I am on the no call list!

    12. Rubin says:

      Received a text on each of two Tracfones, one of which I had activated only 3 hours earlier. Unwanted "paid for" texts, were to use my phone number & promo code at http://autosavingsfinder.com

    13. Derick says:

      I reported them to the Do Not Call Registry at 1-888-382-1222. I registered a complaint, because, I am on the do not call registry. If you are not on the Do Not Call Registry, you can call this number to register your phone number for FREE. If you are NOT on the Do-Not-Call-Registry, you still need to report this company, because it is STILL against the law to contact ANYONE using a pre-recorded message, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT on the Do-Not-Call-Registry. This makes the person that called you have to pay a fine EVERY TIME they call any number that complains. I guess if they promised you can make $1000.00 from home, they can probably pay the fine, the Federal Trade Commission, charges them, until they can no longer have a phone, again.

    14. Gail says:

      As explained previously, I just received a spam call from this number.

    15. Richard says:

      the person at the bank is probally insane,you should have ask them rite there that '' you are trying to tell me that credit card thieft has the rite to steal when they steal small amount, only when they steal large amount then its a crime,that what if they go about stealling 1 cent or a dime from a billion people in the world what will happend,they stole 3,99 from me too,my email is emran.juman16@gmail.com