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    1. Fred says:

      This number is calling over and over. I saw comments from 2 yrs ago - so this guy is still at it! I also saw that he was trying to sell Rx's in the older posts. He is trying to do the same here! Block him!

    2. Rey says:

      This number just called me and, like I always do on unwanted calls, I gave them my fax.  But then I called them back and actually got a person answering the phone. She asked who she had the pleasure of talking to and I told her it was not going to be a pleasure as I did NOT want any  more calls from them and I gave her both numbers they were calling.  We'll see how long it takes, if it takes at all.

    3. Lenard says:

      I get repeated calls from this number... up to 3 times a day. There is no voice just dead air then hang up. I called back and it says the number is no longer in service. I called Bell and they told me it was a "duct cleaning" company located in Texas. Is there anyone that knows how i can get ahold of this company and put my name on a "DO NOT CALL" list?

    4. Bradley says:

      ~I just now Recieved this phone Call, & I waited about 10 seconds on the Phone. ITS a COMPANY offering FREE MAGAZINE Subscriptions, to "Increase the Number of Readers across the Country." They asked if I was +18, I lied & said No, so they just Politley said ok, & Wished me a Great Day..... So Yeah, thats what that Number Wanted Ppl lol~

    5. Jerald says:

      Calls nonstop from 8 am to almost 9 pm and never leaves a message!

    6. Jayson says:

      DIdnt leave message...calls every day

    7. Scott says:

      Got a call from 204-272-9448, looks like a Manitoba-Canada area code, starting in mid 2011, I've been getting them at least once or twice a day ever since.  They NEVER leave a voicemail message.  I'm not answering the phone.  What are my options for stopping this?

    8. Sanford says:

      From Shadora who had my number in her contacts, but she does not know who I am

    9. Odis says:

      Is there a program on tracing this number?

    10. Long says:

      well he wants my car too.. idiot.. going to play with this idiot. even though I realize its a waste of time. I have time.

    11. Anibal says:

      Allied Interstate collections is a fradulant company hiding there true caller id. It is a felony to hide their true caller id as of Dec 2010. People need to file complaints and law suits, they have to pay attorney fees in most cases. More low lifes trying to steal money from people who do not owe them anything.

    12. Margarito says:

      Talkn bout taking prodexa medication....spam!

    13. Milan says:

      same scenario, different name, whats worse? lil miss 'bored at home' isnt even a person. IT is a bot! dont believe me? just try restarting a messenger chat with it. it takes the story straight from the top. programmed to respond with a script based on common responses. pretty in depth too, used a 50 cent word and provided the 206 # for realty

    14. Tristan says:

      240.787.1342 did not answer but they keep calling.

    15. Sandy says:

      They asked for person who doesn't Lu e here...