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    1. Fred says:

      This number is calling over and over. I saw comments from 2 yrs ago - so this guy is still at it! I also saw that he was trying to sell Rx's in the older posts. He is trying to do the same here! Block him!

    2. Rey says:

      This number just called me and, like I always do on unwanted calls, I gave them my fax.  But then I called them back and actually got a person answering the phone. She asked who she had the pleasure of talking to and I told her it was not going to be a pleasure as I did NOT want any  more calls from them and I gave her both numbers they were calling.  We'll see how long it takes, if it takes at all.

    3. Lenard says:

      I get repeated calls from this number... up to 3 times a day. There is no voice just dead air then hang up. I called back and it says the number is no longer in service. I called Bell and they told me it was a "duct cleaning" company located in Texas. Is there anyone that knows how i can get ahold of this company and put my name on a "DO NOT CALL" list?

    4. Bradley says:

      ~I just now Recieved this phone Call, & I waited about 10 seconds on the Phone. ITS a COMPANY offering FREE MAGAZINE Subscriptions, to "Increase the Number of Readers across the Country." They asked if I was +18, I lied & said No, so they just Politley said ok, & Wished me a Great Day..... So Yeah, thats what that Number Wanted Ppl lol~

    5. Jerald says:

      Calls nonstop from 8 am to almost 9 pm and never leaves a message!

    6. Jayson says:

      DIdnt leave message...calls every day

    7. Scott says:

      Got a call from 204-272-9448, looks like a Manitoba-Canada area code, starting in mid 2011, I've been getting them at least once or twice a day ever since.  They NEVER leave a voicemail message.  I'm not answering the phone.  What are my options for stopping this?

    8. Odis says:

      Is there a program on tracing this number?

    9. Long says:

      well he wants my car too.. idiot.. going to play with this idiot. even though I realize its a waste of time. I have time.

    10. Pat says:

      Exactly what happened to me.  Upon calling back, was told that the call could not be completed as dialed.

    11. Melvin says:

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    12. Cedric says:

      SCOTT DEPOT WVPossible Capitol one?

    13. Stacy says:

      Received two calls no one there from 270 331 6283 and 270 331 6284

    14. Miles says:

      I don't know who calls but they keep calling repeatedly. Probably 20 times a day. When I pick up it sounds like indian people talking they will talk for 10 seconds and hang up or won't talk at all. I threatened to call the police but now they just call and hang up. Its really a pain!

    15. Cole says:

      called and asked for my husband but wouldn't identify themselves or leave a message.