206-273 Phone Me Not

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    1. Dan says:

      These company always calls, but you cannot get real person, and when you do they hang up. I have also used the 3 not to receive any more calls. I hope someone gets this lowlife scam outfit removed.

    2. Chong says:

      Never responded when I asked for a dick pic!

    3. Deshawn says:

      This company AMSURE COLLECTIONS SERVICE has been calling me for the last 5 years asking for someone else who is not me .I have told this guy numorous times to remove me due to me not being that person and the call ends in a shouting match. They continue to call. The number that someone at amsure will answer is 205-313-2601 or 800-246-9590

    4. Ed says:

      they said they wanted to enter me into a contest.they didn't say what I would be winning. then they asked if I had a credit card.

    5. Stefan says:


    6. Jamar says:

      I am receiving calls at least once a day from this number 828 059 4744 - when I call back the message is that I have dialed incorrectly- I am in area code 828.

    7. Micheal says:

      collection agents from atlanta re: student loan

    8. Hoyt says:

      apparently telemarketing alarm/security systems, they open

    9. Williams says:

      yes they kept calling and I answered said I did a survey online and asked me if I had a computer said no and told them to stop calling.

    10. Grant says:

      A headhunter calls from this number.

    11. Mauricio says:

      Same here, didn't answer and no VM left...f****** scammers.

    12. Dudley says:

      Crazy won't leave me alone

    13. Guillermo says:

      Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New Iphone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that enter code BETA at HTTP://iphone5betas.com will Receive it!

    14. Francesco says:

      just received call from this number again ( have been receiving them for about couple weeks) picked up this time..hear people in background finally someone says hi..asks for me..I say who is this she says I have a volunteer opportunity for you...I said no thanks..bye. I think it is something about the vote on 1 campaign here in Maine..

    15. Terrance says:

      I have been getting these too! Today they changed they numbers they were calling from because I blocked the first one. The name of the company is Wakanetwork.