207-218 Phone Me Not

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  • 207-218-4861
  • 207-218-4862
  • 207-218-4863
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  • 207-218-4865
  • 207-218-4866
  • 207-218-4867
  • 207-218-4868
  • 207-218-4869
  • 207-218-4870
  • 207-218-4871
  • 207-218-4872
  • 207-218-4873
  • 207-218-4874
  • 207-218-4875
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  • 207-218-4877
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  • 207-218-4879
  • 207-218-4880
  • 207-218-4881
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  • 207-218-4885
  • 207-218-4886

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    1. Mickey says:

      You know... sometimes I wish could visit these spam phone callers just so I could kick them n the nuts.

    2. Rodney says:

      I'm getting calls 4-6 times everyday for the last week. No one responds when we answer and say hello. No one leaves a message when it goes to voice mail. This is VERY ANNOYING!!! Comes up on caller ID as: Stockton, CA

    3. Rolando says:

      Have received 4 calls and numerous texts. Last call received was from a male caller from the above number asking if I owned a VISA, MASTERCARD, or other credit card. Person was speaking very fast and told me that I have been entered into the Dream of a Lifetime Sweepstakes and could be eligible to win such things as a trip or new car(mustang??) I was asked my age, when I graduated high school, if I am currently enrolled in college classes. When I started asking questions this person became offputting and just kept repeating himself and finally when I asked for his supervisor, we were mysteriously disconnected???!!!!!

    4. Stefan says:

      Conservative party tele surveying policies

    5. Erasmo says:

      Credit scam. One of multiple numbers with same voice and message.

    6. Sid says:

      no texts from this number

    7. Filiberto says:

      Keeps calling, no msg left

    8. Felix says:

      Belongs to BROADWING COMMUNICATIONS, LLC Called my business, but didn't leave a message. I didn't get to the phone in time so not sure what it was.

    9. Dwayne says:

      when I try calling back it's disconnected

    10. Peter says:

      When I answer they always hang up

    11. Carol says:

      They just called me. I said "hello" a few times until I heard an automated response say "Good-bye".

    12. Ali says:

      Ask for money... Calls constantly

    13. Andres says:

      Tells me I won a $1000 Walmart gift card if I go to some website

    14. Ali says:

      I have received a number of calls from this number and delete and don't pickup.  I have a "No Solicitors" block on my phone so don't know why this gets through.

    15. Freeman says: