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    1. Elden says:

      Another unknown phone number is calling

    2. Dexter says:

      Received call, no one there but did hear toward the end a woman's voice in the background.

    3. Randolph says:

      I donot know who owns this number sems like spy 1400390107

    4. Elden says:

      Received a text on my cell phone from this number. It read, "Final Notice, call your bank now ASAP" I did not respond.

    5. Luke says:

      Just got a call from this guy.  What a scam !

    6. Mike says:

      Keeps calling saying I have a dead relative who left an inheritance

    7. Jason says:

      Century Credit. Called my cell looking for somebody else

    8. Kris says:

      This a 35 yr old man from area around me. He is very stalkerish and calls several times a week. It is not a collection agency or anything. He is not in florida either. He is in indiana.

    9. Herbert says:

      Keep calliing. Never leave a message.

    10. Bert says:

      they called and left no message, I called back and it just said that it was 'Law Centric' and then hung up. So I called back and entered '3' before it could cut me off. If they call again after I did that I have an attorney friend who SPECIALIZES in FDCPA and Telemarketing Law. If you ask/tell them ONE time to stop calling you and they continue to call, you are entitled to $1,000.00 for EACH time they call you thereafter. But you have to keep records of when you told them to stop and each time they called you after they were informed. Hope this helps.

    11. Roy says:

      Keep calling n hanging up

    12. Gilberto says:

      Receiving constant phone calls from numbers even after i keep telling then to stop calling they still continue to do so, they call every day all day if you don't agreed with them they harass you with their phone calls one after another some times 10 times a day.

    13. Gerry says:

      He keeps emailing, for my car which has a bad engine, as stated in my ad- so I upped my price from 1200 to 5000 and told him he would really want it, go figure, he claims it all sounds great and he wants some middle man to finalize the sale as he is on a missionary LOL can scammers like this not be criminally charged? Im thinking to send him his own info, that I see posted on these boards, perhaps the Nigeria one, as that is likely where he is, and claim its my information.

    14. Josue says:

      Child playing on the phone

    15. Terence says:

      This lot call me a lot. I have told them to take me off their list and obviously never bother to do so.