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    1. Porter says:

      Said they were my mom they played on my phone

    2. Louis says:

      Checking out Vulcan Furniture's Website, it looks fake. Calling the number they have listed, 410-864-8130, gets you no response and the message is forwarded to a mailbox at 330-242-6430.

    3. Tracy says:

      I received a call from this number about a week ago. A man with a very heavy Indian accent left a message stating that my loan application had been approved (for some ungodly amount of money) and that I needed to call him back to confirm my banking information. I have not applied for any type of loan so, of course, I did not call back. I then received a call from the same exact number today (5 days later). Another heavy Indian accented man left a message stating that either me or my legal representative needed to return the call. They went on to say that if the call was not returned, good luck to me. I'm so gullible to believe that the same people who called to give me money now say that I'm in trouble with them less than a week later. I'm amazed at the lengths that crooks will go to scam people out of their money. Any call from this number should be viewed as a fraud/scam! I have reported it to the proper authorities in my area.

    4. Jonathon says:

      I get multiple calls from this number. No one ever responds when I answer. When I call the number it goes to an automated voice mail to remove my number from the call list.

    5. Hubert says:

      The caller is supposedly from the California fraternal order of police trying to get money out of you. It is more likely a scam to get money from you by donating to their bogus charity. Although the number is a Stockton number, they have been known to call all of California. Some police districts do raise money by telemarketing calls. If you get a call from someone claiming to raise money for your local Fraternal Order of Police, call your local police and ask them if the call was legitimate. Most the time the local police will say they don’t raise money by calling. If you don’t want to call the local police, you'll want request from the caller to see its Form 990. The charity files a Form 990 with the federal government. This financial report provides information on the organization's tax status and programs, and shows how it is using its funds. Charities are required to provide Form 990 when requested.

    6. Jeff says:

      Auto insurance - give me a break.

    7. Shirley says:

      Tryin to send me to a "free" Walmart gift card... :-\

    8. Marion says:

      Are you f#%>ing kidding me? ..I just had surgery who cares about clubbing ...how these people got my phone number... LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!How I can block or report these people... Any ideas? Please let me know

    9. Dorian says:

      I got a charge for 89.31 to my bank account. They are the same company that uses Grant Guide as a name and have another number 866-546-0922. This number was on my account with a charge of 49.50.

    10. Ralph says:

      You want us to spend the time to listen to what you have to say? Have you tried it yourself? When I'm bored and I do decide to answer unknown numbers like this, I patiently wait for the person to ask for info or if I'm interested. I simply say that I will not give any info over the phone, I'm not interested, and remove my number from your system. You want us to listen to you read your little speech for 5 - 10 minutes, but won't listen for the 10 seconds it takes us to politely say "f*** off." Please look into a career change.

    11. Luigi says:

      Pleaseeeeee......... Don't call meeeeeee..... Stupid people! +_+

    12. Barry says:

      I didn't answer but that number calls atleast once a day and never leaves a message.message

    13. Royal says:

      So far one text. It is SPAM

    14. Seth says:


    15. Andres says:

      I keep getting threatening calls from number 661-214-0513 telling me that either myself or my attorney needs to call them back asap. They are claiming that this is a Law Office and I have a pending law suit against me and if I dont respond crimal charges will be placed against me. They claim that I took out an online loan and never repaid it.I have never taken out a loan online. When I called them back and asked to speak with a supervisor they told me to shut up. I then called them back again and the same guy answered the phone claiming to be my husband and wanted to know if he could f**k me. He than called me back again claiming to be my father. I called my local police department and they said until they use my information they cant do anything about it. She did say that I should call my phone company and have the number blocked but its a cell phone and they dont block numbers. This guys name was Michael and the person who left me the messages was Nathon Brooks. He is now calling my phone every 5 minutes asking when he can see me. I had my partner answer the phone claiming to be my lawyer and the calls have now stopped but I will post again if they call again.