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    1. Tony says:

      Not recognizing the number, I allowed it to go to voicemail. The message was a few seconds of static, followed by a loud disconnect. Calling the number back resulted in a loud, constant beep (not a dialtone).

    2. Lenard says:

      Coach Denis Kaltchev May 17 at 09:46 AM OFFENDER: DENIS KALTCHEV (FORMER OLYMPIC BUL SWIMMER) CASE # 12A003894 OFFENSE: FRAUD - THEFT Denislav Kaltchev is currently listed in the USA Swimming registration database with a note saying that the National Headquarters clearance is needed for him to re-register with USA Swimming. In other words, he will not be allowed to re-register anywhere in the USA, without going through the Colorado Springs office of USA Swimming. It appears that USA Swimming is aware of these (or other) allegations, and has flagged his membership, if and when he tries to rejoin USA Swimming.

    3. Wally says:

      calls AT LEAST once a day; never leaves message on answering machine; when I finally picked up phone after about the 10th call they never say anything & don't answer me, when I ask them WHAT DO THEY WANT??? The caller ID identifies it as Great Amer Supp

    4. Lino says:

      Lol... he was sarcastic...

    5. Ira says:

      Tom from home protection calls constantly. I have asked him numerous times to stop calling and to take my number off his list. He calls at least 2 or 3 times a month

    6. Jesus says:

      Same thing: 2 phone calls within several hours.

    7. Kenneth says:

      phone rings: me:Hello?767-2331: Hey, who is this?Me: Eugene...767-2331: oh hey eugene how are youMe: Fine767-2331:oh thats cool. bye. (hangs up)...?

    8. William says:

      Damn Arabs best stop calling me

    9. Andre says:

      Intenet fraud in the amount of 200.00 use caution with this individual

    10. Ellsworth says:

      This number calls all the time and its an automated service about a gift card

    11. Jamie says:

      I just got a call from this exact phone number everyone else is reporting. I wasn't sure what it was about being that I don't speak spanish. But out of curiosity I looked up the area code and found this site.

    12. Cameron says:

      Called more than 12 times in 3 days looking for someone named 'Rebecca'.  As early as 7am and as late as 10pm.  Told them several times nobody by that name lives there.  They never explained why they were calling, but kept trying.

    13. Santos says:

      would not tell me what gc services is.

    14. Bill says:

      Idk who they are . Keep calling and its a recording

    15. Garfield says:

      WTF. This # calls me all the time.. but, like when I'm at work or tryin to feed my kids dinner.. I don't answer #'s I dont know & this jus makes glad I don't..