207-666 Phone Me Not

  • 207-666-0135
  • 207-666-0136
  • 207-666-0137
  • 207-666-0138
  • 207-666-0139
  • 207-666-0140
  • 207-666-0141
  • 207-666-0142
  • 207-666-0143
  • 207-666-0144
  • 207-666-0145
  • 207-666-0146
  • 207-666-0147
  • 207-666-0148
  • 207-666-0149
  • 207-666-0150
  • 207-666-0151
  • 207-666-0152
  • 207-666-0153
  • 207-666-0154
  • 207-666-0155
  • 207-666-0156
  • 207-666-0157
  • 207-666-0158
  • 207-666-0159
  • 207-666-0160
  • 207-666-0161

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    1. Julian says:

      Number shows "+2031771041"

    2. Kirby says:

      Someone from this number keeps calling me wanting my information. What I am not that OLD.

    3. Kim says:

      Its an independent agency for health insurance, trying to scam you.

    4. Norbert says:

      Olan it was a vacation sales

    5. Blair says:

      Same thing as others got. Offered $100 gift card. Keeps calling. It's driving me crazy!

    6. Hassan says:

      This person is harrasing me

    7. Hai says:

      They call every day now but the call is blocked. Oh happy day!

    8. Jasper says:

      they ask for my husband from some college, when i ask the lady for she stop call this number, she said "shut up " and hung up on me... '

    9. Mark says:

      thanks i just called   that number   i agree  wish they were all this

    10. Brock says:

      Yes, sending me spam and rude texts

    11. Dominic says:

      Must ask to be taken off their call list for it to stop

    12. Odell says:

      Got a call from these folks this morning, entertainingly came up as "Advertising Con" on caller ID.  Didn't leave a message.

    13. Nicolas says:

      I received a call today 11/20/2010 from this company. First of all they sound like a scam company..my mom was freaking out b/c to her it sounded real but I just laughed it off. What tipped me off was the "Investigator Don" called me by my married name but called me at a number I no longer use on any account, I only use my cell phone number for business dealings. Second of all he said I had until Monday to call back b/c someone was suing me...well who is it and then he gives me some bogus case number well if you know your case facts they are not 7 digit case numbers..lol. Anyway just to let you all know they are a scam and do not call them back they are not a real company and the bbb does not back them up!

    14. Thomas says:

      whoever this person is enjoys calling me at night and masturbating over the phone very loudly. its absolutely disgusting.

    15. Domenic says:

      Bell ExpressVU telemarketing called to offer us service from this number.  It was obvious that it was from a call center in India and they were very rude when I asked why they were calling if I was on the do not call list.