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    1. Alvaro says:

      I keep getting hang-up phone calls from this number. If anyone knows who it is please tell me.

    2. Edmund says:

      I just received it as well - I didn't answer it, hopefully they will go away.

    3. Stanford says:

      no quiero nada ni llamadas ni txt

    4. Carl says:

      Called saying they pervious spoke with me and was returning the call when i never spoke to them

    5. Thurman says:

      Asking me to attend a problem with my credit card. Idon't have a C. C..

    6. Donn says:

      They call and don't say a thing their after they hang up

    7. Diego says:

      I met him this guy from a site,several times he calls me,but I think he is not realHe is nice,but I dont trust on him. I think he is a scammer. So, wont answern his Calls anymore,his picture is a good looking guy,but I guess he is not the man from the pic.

    8. Landon says:

      got a call from this # 2 times......

    9. Buster says:

      this number keeps calling me and asking me to buy a home security system, whereas i am only 18 and do not even OWN a home, this is really pissing me off because not only do they disrupt me at all hours of the day but the call and call and call and call! and every time i say put me on the "do not call" list, THEY STILL CALL ME! how do i make it stop?

    10. Weldon says:

      Attn Paul Day c/o Wadoye Lag

    11. Andrea says:

      left a voicemail. Melanie from Body by Visalus. probably a sales call

    12. Dalton says:

      Hello: I answered this call today and it took a few seconds and someone answered and started saying credit with us is good so we want to offer you more magazines. No company name or his name given other than "our publishers" asking for information and 4.35 a week for payment. I blocked their number through verizon. Try blocking it through your carrier....do not call list doesn't work...

    13. Rich says:

      This is Service Magic. Changed there name. Sly dogs.

    14. Arnoldo says:

      first family mortg calls all the time.....

    15. Gayle says:

      The national pandemic of telephone terrorism perpetrated by desperate criminal collection agencies is because they are trying to terrorize people who are naive enough to answer and submit to unsolicited telephone calls or written "collection" letters that have no legitimate legal debt associated with them or any of the companies, universities, or whomever else they claim to represent. Because most "little guys" were bankrupted by the criminal Wall St/Congress/Big Oil/Big Bankers/Big Business/Military/Robber Barons, so the desperate collection agencies are attempting to collect unpaid debts from innocent people by terrorizing them into submission.