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    1. Randell says:

      This is an organization which is trying to raise money for Al Queda,  These people are demented, but apparently very determined to annoy everyone until they are paid their "ransom" for stopping the annoying calls.  This needs to be reported by each recipient of the calls to the FBI until the perpetrators are found and appropriate actions taken against these criminals.

    2. Allan says:

      Hate to tell  ya, but nowadays $2,000 in debt is NOT a treemndous amount of debt!  Credit card companies deal with people like you ALL the time The U.S. is freakin'  cos people all over have *many* times that amount in debt!  They charge for boats, planes, automobiles, etc., so you see, again $2,000 is NOTHING!!!  This is gonna sound odd, but it happened just the same and it really pissed me off  cos I found out what I did wrong when it was too late.I could never qualify for a major credit card so I applied for  and got  a credit line through a national jewelry chain.  I needed the credit so figured what the heck, right?  WRONG!!!  I had it for a few years and was able to acquire a few pieces of jewelry.  Thinking I was doing the right thing, once I paid off my charges, I closed it out.  When I attempted to re-open it so as to get my children some nice graduation gifts, I was unable to do so and *that* was when I found out that I should have kept it open and just charged the minimal of $25 a month!  Well, who needs that much jewelry?  I was fed up and discouraged and never did it again.Personally I'm not big on plastic as *I* feel that it's too much of a headache all the way around; for the customers *and* the merchants!The percentage rates are through the roof and when you make a small purchase, it only seems to double the original price of the charged item.  That in turn raises prices, sometimes making for late payments and then the merchants have to wait for payments Me, if I can't afford it, I don't need it My advice to you is to be extremely diligent and not charge over what you can afford.  By doing so you won't be making any late payments, which also affects your credit.People are told that all the time, but they forget.  The key is NOT to forget, but having instant cash can be quite the temptation and living in a society that wants instant gratification makes the temptation all the harder!Good luck!

    3. Chong says:

      They called and did not leave a message.  I have no idea who this is, obviously and would like to warn others they may receive a call from this number.

    4. Cedric says:

      Got a call from these rectums at 3:30am,,,,who are these rectums?

    5. Jackson says:

      Rude cheap and impatient. Insults you and sends messages to harass you.

    6. Laverne says:

      a few calls now, no response when i do answer, but i do not give out cell phone number other then to relatives/friends so getting tired of the damn spammers

    7. Joey says:

      if i don't recognize the number i just decline it and put it on the do not answer list.

    8. Fernando says:

      stupid....called with a message offering 2% mortgage. crap...crap...crap stupid criminals

    9. Santiago says:

      Wouldn't say what company they are calling for just says you know what they want

    10. Bud says:

      I just got a call from this number too.. I did not answer, but called back to get a busy signal... So how is selling out our Cell numbers? I am in Texas also..

    11. Hector says:

      are people that stupid? all people want to do is scam other people, like life isn't hard enough well at 9:14am I got a call saying I won a 2 day cruise get this in the bahamas WOW i'm so lucky and to proceed press 1. well i just hung up and to boot they called a trac phone. and they do say john from political opinions of america like noted from other post

    12. Dominick says:

      Message in Vietnamese. The previous holder of my call number (five years ago!) had a Vietnamese name. I still get solicitations and skip traces (all in Vietnamese) that I assume are (looking) for him.

    13. Randell says:

      I got 2 calls from this number only heard beeping.

    14. Christoper says:

      Survey for weight loss .Ignore these calls

    15. Anibal says:

      Nobody is on the line when I answer and when I call back it's some bogus thing about an exciting newspaper promotion.