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    1. Cyrus says:

      Called at 9:15 PM.  I answered with "who is this?".  Human voice replied "hello-hello-hello".  It was definitely young male voice!  I hung up....annoying!

    2. Bennett says:

      Not sure ...didn't answer..

    3. Geoffrey says:

      I received yesterday two calls from the 270 area code but two different tel. numbers: 985-1110, 631-0300 and both had on the caller ID Thoroughbred Re. First number I answered and the woman wanted to talk with my husband about Medicare. I said he is not home and later I hung up the phone.

    4. Rusty says:

      Political robocall.  Bothersome, yes.  Illegal, no.  Click.

    5. Everette says:


    6. Giuseppe says:

      this guy is out of his mind, I will trace his number and put him behind bars if he calls me again, my bhusband is an FBI detective.

    7. Eloy says:

      Credit callers asking for different person.

    8. Quintin says:

      I answered said hello and no one responded

    9. Maynard says:

      Same incident. Man with middle eastern accent(difficult to understand) with an american name calling from some type of law investigation dept. Same old scam !!! Regarding lawsuit and about making a payment to them. Do not believe these people-do not verify any information with them or make any payment to them. You will never see your money again or get any legal written documentation from them-it is all fake! There is alot of helpful information on the internet about these phony loan lawsuits posted by the BBB, FTC, FBI etc. Report any such calls to your local police, BBB, FTC, FBI etc. Also save any messages from them and turn them over to the proper authorities.

    10. Sam says:

      They call twice, and they even speak english ask to many question, about if I wanted to save money, but they want my credit card number info... And I told them I will no give any info and they hang up... Whatever !!

    11. Denny says:

      jermey / Patrick has threatened to kill me also waited outside of house i was previously living with people and weapons sent txt multiple times threatened to kill me this may jus be a Google account he is contacted me from

    12. Lawrence says:

      Said that I am an online contest winner, and that I registered for it, when I didn't

    13. Isidro says:

      Like too play on ur phone asking for pic but don't won't too spend no money

    14. Quintin says:

      Called. At 4am! Said nothing.

    15. Damian says:

      God help sticker ex calling. All hours!