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    1. Wally says:

      Amazing how I can visit a web site and they know my cell phone number. Technology today is just amazing! Yes, I got the same call - same message - same result (hung up)

    2. Noel says:

      10:43 PDT caller saying "If you really want to know if there are ways to make money from home"... Need I say more? Hung up, too busy working at home on my real business! ;-)

    3. Carroll says:

      Telemarketing for Thomas Home Protection.

    4. Damien says:

      Dont respond at all or they will start new collections on you for whatever debt they are trying to get paid on - any contact restarts the clock. I received a call today with an urgent message stating they were an attorney's office, had a big problem in the office today, and time was of the essence in getting back to them.

    5. Elbert says:

      I am getting text messages from this and other numbers.

    6. Josiah says:

      wish i had a nickel for every call i get of this nature  wanting my lawyers name and informing me that i was going to court over a loan which i didn't even get  this call was from New York State and sounded very much like the middle east rather than up state New York

    7. Eusebio says:

      Don't know Who cAlled and the sAId. CongratS I Won. SomeThinG. BuT. I hung up

    8. Waldo says:

      They call me everyday asking me question

    9. Rolando says:

      This number keeps calling my home phone. When I pick up and say hello the phone clicks and then hangs up. They don't leave a message when I don't pick up either. It calls multiple times a day. How do I block it?

    10. Jeff says:

      This woman called me 47 times today and upset my 11 year old grand-daughter, my husband and myself.

    11. Carson says:

      This was the delivery info,But none of it had my e-mail address:

    12. Francisco says:

      this number calls 3 times a day starting at 8 and going as late as 9:30. i never answer and they never leave a message

    13. Gustavo says:

      I called back and cancelled through the automated system.  Easy enough.  I just wish I knew from whom they got my number so that I could remove my phone number from the information trade...

    14. Lyle says:

      Never press 1 or any number they tell you or call them back. Criminals have the way to take all your personal information when you do that. I have been stalked for over 4 years and it is no Law to protect me or help me. A Tip, have a no listed phone number, have a old fashion phone on the wall, not a cord less. It has more security. Do not use internet to pay your bills ...etc. Hung up, and good luck. Have in mind that when something looks too good, It is not.

    15. Prince says:

      Please tell me whose # this is!. there was some type of comment asnd im getting in trouble for it! Please help! It doesnt call or I cant text it! Please help!