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    1. Ernesto says:

      SCAM: Not sure what the scam is with this number but they called about my credit card account (automated call, automated voice recording) and explained that although my account is not in trouble, they need to talk to me about lowering my interest rate.

    2. Claud says:

      i have been hung up on 2x's in the last 2 days by this #. i did get a chance to talk to the atcual owner of this # & he believes that somehow someone figured out how to use his # as a ghost #. he has been trying to figure out how he can get this issue resolved for a while now. this # isn't supposed to be able to make calls outbound so if he WERE to call, it would come up as a different #. like i said he is working with his phone company to have this resolved so if you get a call from this # disreguard it.

    3. Danilo says:

      It is a financial company, morgage broker

    4. Vince says:

      Call to many times unidentified number !

    5. Alfred says:

      Shoebuy.com calling to verify an order.

    6. Clement says:

      DO NOT SEE 267-867-6405 CALLER ID SPOOF # sends pictures of his genitals to massage providers. PERVERT SEXUAL PREDATOR

    7. Jeffry says:

      Caller ID: Receivables Per; Recording says "Please Hold" then 18 minutes later just hangs up. Calls twice a day even on weekends!

    8. Robert says:

      Same guy called me, my mother answered the phone and he tried to tell her I signed up for a CPAC breathing machine? I have no idea what that even is..He kept asking if I was diabetic and when my mother told him I was not, he hung up in her face.

    9. Darwin says:

      I got a call today from this number it was an automated call confirming my dental appoint

    10. Emory says:

      If you contact your phone company when these calls come in, they generally can tell you how to handle the calls.  For example, when the caller doesn't identify him/herself (unknown name) my phone company has a feature where right after the call, you punch in star, 77, star.  The phone message will tell you that anonymous calls (from that number) will no longer be forwarded to your phone.  It has been successful for me in that I rarely get calls anymore.  However, now I get some calls with screwy names to fill in that space on my caller I.D,  Hope this helps,

    11. Thaddeus says:

      This number comes up as unknown. They started calling at 7:30 AM and would hang up when the answering machine came on then they would call again. This happened over and over again for about 10 minutes.

    12. Marshall says:

      Constantly calls never leaves a message

    13. Forrest says:

      Yes they keep calling for nothing done told then I dont want it

    14. Vernon says:

      It was a prerecorded message to sell something. At the end of the recording it gives you the option to be put on their do not call list. I did not answer but they left a message.

    15. Lester says:

      A man with an accent called my number in fl saying he was law enforcement. He was rude! I had a police officer call him, he stated he was with Ellen Taylor. Look out!