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    1. Eliseo says:

      dont want that nunber to call no more.

    2. Joey says:

      Scam. I never called the number back. I know it was a scam because I paid my monthly bill and it cleared 2 days before i received the text.

    3. Sebastian says:

      Bothers me every day I pick up and no voice at the other end. I had asked them to stop calling me

    4. Chris says:

      I am just grateful it wasn't a picture of a red rocket... talk about a turn on.

    5. Orval says:

      Same thing - txt msg "Whats.up?  Jpe"

    6. Earle says:

      I rec'vd a call today from a caller brown gerry sounds like a hindo guy stating I am looking for so and so and I ask for what you speaking to them they state that they are calling to collect on a debt that I owe and that If i dont pay them  by 5 p.m. today they will persue against me and so on... I asked what and who was demanding this debt and they said that the creditor was from Cash-USA who lend me the money!! I informed them that I never rec'vd any money from them. They state that they did loan me this money and it was never paid back they said that if I dont pay the debt then will have to go to court and will have to pay more thean 5,000 and I will loose.  I will have to have my lawyer call them now!!!!  They told me that I could take care of this out of court and they will be able to help me pay this debt. he states I will call you back in 5 mins to speak to his supervisor to see if I can do monthly payments. Then 5 mins pass and he calls me back stating I can send monthly payments of $100.00 and will send me an email notify of this confirmation of me paying monthly. SO I KNOW I NEVER REC'VD A LOAN FROM THEM AND THIS IS A SCAM AND WILL REPORT TO THE BBB!!! THEY ARE SCAMERS AND I WILL NOT PAY THEM NOTHING!!!!

    7. Gregg says:

      American Skin Laser, I had signed up for a contest and won. U have to call them bacj. They don't leave msgs.

    8. Waylon says:

      They sent me a nasty pic I don't know the person

    9. Freddie says:

      A headhunter calls from this number.

    10. Douglass says:

      I called this # back from my Cell phone and they answered. The are a debt collection broker company.

    11. Carl says:


    12. Numbers says:

      Just called me...I have no debts.  Let's see if they keep it up.  Perhaps a note with "JD" at the end of my name may give'm the hint that I don't want to speak with them.

    13. Gale says:

      At first I was getting calls from 201-243-3418,ignored the calls then they stopped. Now, 201-243-3416 is calling me! Well, enough is enough so I search both phone numbers and found a blog comment for a do not call request service at 866-246-7196. They provide this service to a small number of companies that call consumers and fortunately, these 2 phone numbers is on their list so she added my phone number to the do not call list.

    14. Gilbert says:

      Fraudulent Collection type call Threatend incarceration and Very upsetting to Parent...Turned information over to Local Police department and federal fraud organization

    15. Ernie says:

      called at 5:56 am - didn't say a word but could here something in the background - hard to pay attention when call wakes you up - if they call again they will not like what I have to say