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    1. Willard says:

      I received a call from 1-888-320-8688 that I did not answer. When I called the number back there was a message stating that a new national call service was available at 10-15-15-8000 for $4.95 per call. I did not call the number. I believe this is a scam.

    2. Nestor says:

      ignored two calls one right after another

    3. Edgardo says:

      Yeah he had to pause to remember his name Chaz Officer calling from US courier. Something about serving me with papers...Nobody calls you before they serve you with papers.

    4. Abram says:

      My mom called me today to tell me she rec'd a call from 210-280-8071 leaving a message to have my brother call that there has been a complaint filed against him. Her name was Nancy - "Special Investigator". YEAH RIGHT! She said that usually by this time it is too late - but have my brother call to avoid court. - "Well that makes sense" I started doing some investigating and found this site! I guessing a scam!

    5. Donte says:

      I just got this new number Wednesday

    6. Michael says:

      Hi zeny.       Please write to me , I hope you remember me. Tom from Chicago

    7. Johnson says:


    8. Mac says:

      Answered it right away, it hung up and got a busy signal when called it back.

    9. Caleb says:

      Email scam from the auto trader. Received text message from this number. Wants pics of vehicle engine and then wants your pay pal account number to send you payment. The email account is straceyharris27@gmail.com. I also found similar events on scamdex.com.

    10. Lavern says:

      Some young girls called at 12:30 asking for me, when my parents said I'm not available they just said they will call back later, but they ended up doing that.

    11. Len says:


    12. Del says:

      I do not no this person they or harrasing me.

    13. Weldon says:

      I just moved into this house, and received my phone number from the Cox Cable Company,,and this 205-316-9193 (Fingerhut,on caller ID) has called me at least 10 times a day for the past 3 days,,,when I answer it goes to dial tone instantly,,,when answer machine picks up ,,no message is left,,and when I try to call number back,,,I get message," This phone # is no longer in service",,,,,,I did a reverse phone look up,,and shows to be a land line in Bibb, Alabama.......can someone tell me what is going on??????

    14. Charley says:

      Wouldn't let me take a message. When I started asking who it was and what it was regarding the guy hung up.

    15. Bernie says:

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