209-579 Phone Me Not

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    1. Claude says:

      calls young girls about sex

    2. Jose says:

      Received the following text message: Dear Friend, Get up to $1,500 in Your Acct! Bad/No Credit OK - Funds Wired The Same Day! Apply Right Away! GOTO

    3. Kendall says:

      debt free offer to lower interest rates.

    4. Brendon says:

      About 10 calls from this number.

    5. Harris says:

      They claim to be a company that is gonna put me in jail.  They say that i owe several thousand dollars and that I am going to jail by morning.  They wont leave me alone and I dont what to do.  I block one set of numbers then they start calling from another....please help they are calling my phone day and night and they are now calling my work.

    6. Sean says:

      Have been called twice from this number. Not entirely sure who it is, but I believe it is definitely a business, but have been unable to find any information about the number online.

    7. Alfredo says:


    8. Alfredo says:

      I have received tons of calls from this number daily, even at night time.

    9. Michal says:

      Two calls this month so far.  Same no message, and cannot be called back with a hacky "This call cannot be completed" message.

    10. Jarrod says:

      who is this!!! That keep callin from this number!!!??????

    11. Rafael says:

      Did not pickup because I don't pick up numbers until I check here first.

    12. Lucien says:

      Called Multiple times, annoying!

    13. Jordan says:

      This is scary! I got a call on my cell phone and now my work line. They even had my social security number!

    14. Jeramy says:

      Called with offer of profinity site coupons,etc. Wanted my cc number over the phone. told them no and hung up. They immediately called back to offer lower price on their service and again, asked fr the cc number.

    15. Chas says:

      I have been getting calls from this number for several weeks now.  When I answer the phone they immediately hang up.  I tried calling the number and got a busy signal every time.  I would love to sue these people as I am on the do not call list, also.