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    1. Danny says:

      Just got this call with unknown name. I answered it to stop the ringer and my hello was greeted with a mumbled male voice "hello, call me back" very quickly. They then very promptly hung up.

    2. Cameron says:

      This number called me eight times after 9pm.  Never left a message and when we answered, there was nobody on the line

    3. Jame says:

      saw this number on youtube at 6:30pm 9-2-2013

    4. Bryant says:

      This number is zkxjsjdbksozozkxjxj?!!!!!!!&!

    5. Trey says:

      Some stupid debt relief crap

    6. Rex says:

      Recording about $3 health insurance.  Press 1 to speak to rep, press 2 to be removed.  I pressed 2, but doubt it does any good.  Doggone it, I know better than to answer these bas**rds that are hiding.

    7. Douglass says:

      Called the no back . Machine says wrong no. SPAM

    8. Bart says:

      They use a fear-based recording tactic to get you to respond.  Once you respond, they will trace your call or ask for info in attempt to go after you for a dept that is either yours or they have tagged it to you for some reason.

    9. Lowell says:

      i keep getting calls multiple times a day,they never leave a message and when i called the number 3012230048 a woman answered and would not identify themselves or who the company was. she kept badgering me for my information, i told her she wasnt going to get it and i hung up.

    10. Granville says:

      I've gotten calls from this number 4 to 7 times a day, at all hours of the day and night. Yes, when I answer , the phone rings twice then goes dead. this must stop, can anyone tell me who this is????????

    11. Fredric says:

      Another call. They don't bother me I just ignoir.

    12. Luigi says:

      did not answer but has called 3 times

    13. Abe says:

      selling health insurance i

    14. Lindsey says:

      Unknown name calls and hangs us. Called the number back and left a nasty message on their voice mailbox. Sick of these companies doing this stuff!!

    15. Pedro says:

      Female caller trying to disquise voice in an odd high pitch (or else young boy doing same). Caller asked for personal information after 'she' was advised 'she' dialed a wrong number. Seemed like the normal telephone phishing scam.