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    1. Douglas says:

      I have had multiple calls from this number, day and night with no message left over the last 3 days

    2. Herschel says:

      Rcvd a call from this number, but since I was at work I just sent it to voice mail.  They didn't leave a message (and after checking this board, I'm glad I didn't answer).

    3. Jonathan says:

      They Called 4 times in a row,did not leave a message..*shruggs*

    4. Clarence says:

      Idk why but they sent two texts claiming i won a gift card to Best Buy but i got to go to this website, etc. Its a scam. Idk how they got my number.

    5. Otha says:

      About my credit card but didn't say which one, thus I hung up and decided it was BS

    6. Monroe says:

      Agressive, repeated calls.  Hang up or get the number blocked

    7. Giovanni says:

      They sent a text message to my husbands cell sayin "Merry Christmas" "Ms. Ashley Boo" Not KEWL

    8. Shannon says:

      They call 3 or more times a day. Private company selling ATT services. If you have ANY service with ATT they are kind of excempte from the do not call list. Even after you tell them not to call again they continue for weeks! Then silence for a while and, voila, then calls agin BUT they change the caller ID (same area code)...

    9. Jean says:

      I did not pick up. No message was left.

    10. Irving says:

      Ok, so its clear this is a vz bill collector, however its spam. You cannot call the number back. Seriously? Yeah, I know I owe money, pretty easily, names on the bill. Calling me and spamming me doesnt help.

    11. Brice says:

      Just had that number call me as well, didn't answer and no message left.

    12. Carmen says:

      this number called my phone, i answered and there was no response. They hung up a second later, and when i called back a machine said it was not a worknig number.

    13. Bruno says:

      I received 3 phone calls from this number today and all all of them I asked the lady/ladies (with an east indian accent) that I was not interested in their Disney World/Orlando vacation package and that I'd like to be removed from their calling list.  Unfortunately they must not understand English, because they kept calling every half hour or so even after I asked twice not to be called anymore! As a matter of fact they just called again as I'm writing this complaint! So make that four ladies with East Indian accents that I've told to stop calling me!  I actually told this lady that I was in the middle of submitting a complaint online when she called and all she said was for me to have a good day!  WTF?  The only good thing I got out of the conversation was the name of the company she said she was calling for, because the other times I wasn't paying attention.  She said she is calling from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, but I doubt it, I'm sure it's outsourced telemarketers.

    14. Brendon says:

      New number, same scam. This number associated with many other 661 numbers who call daily. Sick of it.

    15. Francisco says:

      Just rang and rang then said "The number I have called is unaligated."