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    1. Erick says:

      Some numb nuts called didn't leave a message. Didn't recognize the number so I don't answer these calls! Suggest others follow suit!

    2. Raleigh says:

      Do you want to buy an alarm system

    3. Morris says:

      There treating me there going to kill me n there won't leave me alone

    4. Jc says:

      Got a call from 210-281-4900 just now, Name on caller Id was Taylor, David.  His speal was to help improve my credit score.  I hung up on this person because I for one don't know who he is or what company he is calling from.  Plus I don't trust that anyone who calls you would even have the info they need to verify who I am and I will NOT give any information about that over the phone.  Just got the second call from him while typing this note.  That is 2 calls in 5 minutes.

    5. Errol says:

      Called my cell phone at 12:54 pm (pacific time). All it showed was the phone number and Delaware. I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number. No message was left.

    6. Marlon says:

      Don't like to rcieve calls frm this nimber

    7. Junior says:

      I was contacted by phone today by an individual that represented themselves as an agent. What a scam!

    8. Douglass says:

      medical alert system spam

    9. Byron says:

      Called 5 times back to back and hangs up.

    10. Gayle says:

      I don't know who this is that keep calling spamer

    11. Wallace says:

      Beware - this person is a known dating scammer.  Professes his love for you very quickly, then will eventually ask for money.  He has 3 pages of alias' on romancescam.com and even a page on a Netherlands scam site.  I met him on OK Cupid as "Richard Gregory", but is also known to be on eHarmony and Match.com.  Wife died, daughter and son living with his mother, he is in the oil industry.  Very romantic, flowery letters.

    12. Rickie says:

      Promotion get out of here

    13. Troy says:

      Got two missed calls from this number. And we only just now set up this phone number and NO ONE legit knows it. So it is total spam.

    14. Porfirio says:

      Evil Number...DONT ANSWER!!!!!

    15. Olen says:

      Su 04/01/2012, 08:49am: "From: 2019180574 Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto (sic) http://ipad3winner.info and enter code BETA will Receive it!"