212-808 Phone Me Not

  • 212-808-4455
  • 212-808-4456
  • 212-808-4457
  • 212-808-4458
  • 212-808-4459
  • 212-808-4460
  • 212-808-4461
  • 212-808-4462
  • 212-808-4463
  • 212-808-4464
  • 212-808-4465
  • 212-808-4466
  • 212-808-4467
  • 212-808-4468
  • 212-808-4469
  • 212-808-4470
  • 212-808-4471
  • 212-808-4472
  • 212-808-4473
  • 212-808-4474
  • 212-808-4475
  • 212-808-4476
  • 212-808-4477
  • 212-808-4478
  • 212-808-4479
  • 212-808-4480
  • 212-808-4481

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    1. Johnie says:

      How did you get them to stop?

    2. Demetrius says:

      Offered best buy gift card via text. Spam!

    3. Dewey says:

      I got a message from that that number every saturday for a month, quite annoying

    4. Fredric says:

      I got a call from these indian guys too. They also use the # 323-345-1344. Said they were from Andrew Marshalls law office. I called the law office and they said they have no on there by the names they used. Adam garcia and john carter. So go monitor your credit report because they have personal info

    5. Landon says:

      I keep getting calls from these fagot dirt merchants and I wish they would stop I am getting pissed off

    6. Eloy says:

      2939 S Walnut Arnold Pound

    7. Dane says:

      They won't stop calling me. I have literally begged them to stop and no one is willing to help me or take me off of their calling list! They call at all hours of the day AND night. Anywhere from 1-4 times a day. I am at my limits here.

    8. Trenton says:

      Foreigner. Metro blocked her, but she still called.

    9. Jackie says:

      I missed a call from the number today and yesterday.

    10. Aurelio says:

      These spammers are working for a company called smileymedia. Once you fill out all the forms, you get to a page that has a link that says "advertise with us." Clicking on that will get you the company's contact info:701 Brazos St.Suite 1600 Austin, TX 78701512-480-9990

    11. Myron says:

      Called and left no message!

    12. Fred says:

      On 1/18/2011 our restaurant in Cincinnati received a fax purportedly ordering food for "300 peoples".  It claimed to be from Dan Moore with an email of DANMOORE222@GMAIL.COM.  However, the fax cover page appeared to be from James Beaton.

    13. James says:

      "Carribean Cruise" supposedly. They threatened to refer me to a collections department if I did not honor the rest of my "contract." The man on the phone called me a "fool" when I stated that I wanted to speak with my attorney before disclosing any information.

    14. Dwayne says:

      Call for Michael Hancock campaign

    15. Seymour says:

      Every time you enter one of the contests at the mall to win a car, a trip, etc. Like the poster above said--