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    1. Cole says:

      Possible scam, I just got a call too. I called back but it was an automated message for Discover customers.

    2. Hung says:

      Thanks a lot! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that got this weird email.

    3. Mervin says:

      Cut grass for a place to stay

    4. Columbus says:

      Wanted to know if I needed extra cash w starting the new year off

    5. Hayden says:

      All they keep doing is hanging up

    6. Sydney says:

      Called me while I was taking a dump.

    7. Isidro says:

      "Bill" said he was from Delta Company. When questioned about the nature of the call, he said it was a personal call. The person they were calling wasn't available, but he hung up before we could pick the call up again.

    8. Lamont says:

      No voicemail or text messages

    9. Darrin says:

      Bob you are the guy who gives the LIFE INSURANCE industry a terrible reputation. Shame on you. No conversions are allowed fromYou term plans. for getting interviews with anyone unemployed,no qualifications for life sales . Your turnover rate is horrible. You don;t even tell people the Truth to get an interview.(asset Mgt. mt ASSETT) Your term life rates aren"t even competitive in the LIFE INSURANCE INDUSTRY. Good luck with your PYRAMID SCHEME.

    10. Francesco says:

      The caller left a message on my phone and called my in laws ... left personal information...stating with PSA and are going to serve me at my home or business. I am reporting to FTC, FCC and attorney generals office. I have tried to located name or address of company and of course unlisted number.

    11. Kendrick says:

      Just called me on my cell and left no message.

    12. Florencio says:

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    13. Elden says:

      I have received 5 calls from this number in the last 3 days on my cell phone number. It's always a hangup. I've called the number back twice, during office hours, and the message says that it's a company that "helps" nonprofits with their fundraising efforts. In otherwords, telemarketers. I have no idea why they call so much and hang up. If anyone knows how to make these jerks stop calling, I'd love to know.

    14. Jae says:

      Xxx porn site offer with heavy indian accent.

    15. Thaddeus says:

      Solicitation 3 MORE TIMES TODAY after being told "NO THANK YOU"