213-235 Phone Me Not

  • 213-235-5994
  • 213-235-5995
  • 213-235-5996
  • 213-235-5997
  • 213-235-5998
  • 213-235-5999
  • 213-235-6000
  • 213-235-6001
  • 213-235-6002
  • 213-235-6003
  • 213-235-6004
  • 213-235-6005
  • 213-235-6006
  • 213-235-6007
  • 213-235-6008
  • 213-235-6009
  • 213-235-6010
  • 213-235-6011
  • 213-235-6012
  • 213-235-6013
  • 213-235-6014
  • 213-235-6015
  • 213-235-6016
  • 213-235-6017
  • 213-235-6018
  • 213-235-6019
  • 213-235-6020

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    1. Mauricio says:

      recorded messages for insurance

    2. Osvaldo says:

      Spammer sending unsolicited texts

    3. Rodrigo says:

      this lady is pyscho wont leave me alone i will probably call the cops 1 day

    4. Morton says:

      Calls every day sometimes few times a day and asks for Bob.  Tried to call back no one answers the phone

    5. Everette says:

      Asked to confirm name and telephone number.

    6. Thomas says:

      Independent Survey Group

    7. Loyd says:

      Received scam text from this phone number that said "You have been randomly selected for a BestBuy gift. Get your $1000 gift card at www.bestbuy.com.todayswinners.info/?id=kcrrkcwrkf". Best Buy confirmed it a scam.  Reverse lookup says it is a landline in Gustine, CA.

    8. Dudley says:

      Suspecious.... phone doesnt except calls, only txt. Knew my name, but I dont know them....

    9. Allen says:

      i think you are right, its ccs. collection company

    10. Rodrigo says:

      Very annoying fax messages from 207 323 7300. I have called the number several times and only keep getting voicemail - left several messages. No company name. No ID of who has this number.The calls from this fax number are yet to stop.

    11. Thurman says:

      This should be stopped! They call - No way to "Opt Out" or tell them to "Buzz Off". Our phone systems need a way "Close Out" these marketers!

    12. Carson says:

      gave me the no in an email address.. sed they wanted to give me their puppies for adoption.

    13. Lawrence says:

      They keep calling my house and my cell.  They don't leave messages.  I have no idea what they want.  When I do answer, I get nothing but air.  Hey, pentagroup...you want to talk to me??????have a human place the call!!!!!!!!!

    14. Faustino says:

      Keep getting calls from this number, either they don't leave a message or if I happen to answer, the line disconnects. I tried to call back, and the person that answered said his name is Don. He won't tell me what he is calling for and won't tell me the name of the company he is working (and calling) for. He does ask me for the number, that they called, because in his words, they didn't call the number, that I am calling them back from.

    15. Marshall says:

      they call on the hour but no one on the phone.there number is 210 249 0540