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    1. Clarence says:

      It is a dwpt collector that is rude

    2. Chuck says:

      A recording in Spanish (no one in our household speaks Spanish), possibly about credit or mortgage lending. Nothing in English, no instructions to be removed from list, no human answers to voice or dialing 0.

    3. Herman says:

      I am really getting tired of these phone calls!!!  It is 11:40 on Sunday morning and they just called for the second time this morning.  Why do we have to put up with this!  They couldn't walk into my house and disrupt my morning and they shouldn't be allowed to do so on my phone. This is HARASSMENT, plain and simple!  If the worthless parasites in Sacramento want to do something besides tax California citizens and spend money, why can't they do something worthwhile and make everybody happy by eliminating these annoying invasive phone calls?  The first politician to write a bill doing so will get my loyalty and vote regardless of their party affiliation!

    4. Andres says:

      They keep calling, when I tried to call them back did get an option to be taken off the list, but they still call me, and hang up if you try and tell them to stop calling.

    5. Kieth says:

      Commission only job offer

    6. Jonas says:

      Received a voicemail saying it was important to return their call. People smart.com says the phone number belongs to Kelly Bennett at 1512 Gold St in Middleton, Idaho.

    7. Timmy says:

      Terri King CPS WORKER 8-19-12

    8. Elliot says:

      314-627-2824... claims you visited a site and was selected for a prize. SELECT PROMPT #2 BE REMOVED FROM THE CALL LISTING... per the Kansas City Better Business Bureau January 2012 It's kind of a slow week for scams in the KC Area, which is good. Be aware that there is is still phishing scam out there that is using the BBB's name to trick businesses into clicking a link via email. Call us to verify complaints.

    9. Brandon says:

      I had the same experience as PsstBub - hung up on me at hello. I'm also on the no call list. Annoying.

    10. Laurence says:

      all i know is this number is a new jersey number...first the caller id...showed .....a ...private caller....then this number showed up within a minute..after the first call....i did not answer....not going to either...

    11. Tory says:

      called me 9 times in less than 5 minuts, plzzzz do not call me from this f.... number. i did report as spam call in donotcall.gov, but they continue calling.

    12. Chris says:

      There are 2 phone numbers they call from. They stated I was selected to receive $7,000.00 grant. I hung up on them. Now they call me from this number I recognized the voice, they are not from USA. I stated what are you up to and they hung up I haven't heard from them since.

    13. Elden says:


    14. Tobias says:

      It's just a beep. I researched this number online and found out its a company that sells cheap meds online, no idea how they got my number?

    15. Jed says:

      Here we go again, I saw this number on the caller id, looked it up on here and looks like we have another group of scammers.  Now again with me working in law enforcement, I decided to call the number back, and wpuld love to talk to these individuals, I want to tell them to fax the paperwork to my department, you know to make things easier for them, and so I could obtain their information for when I file a countersuit or criminal charges.  I called the number and it just rings and rings, about 50 to 100 times before it disconnects.  Kind of funny, no answering machine, no recording, you would th ok nk yhat a place that calls themselves the civil legal division or whatever imaginary name they have concocted would be a little more sophisticated than this. Keep calling me and I am looking forward to our chat