213-401 Phone Me Not

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    1. Leland says:

      They were selling alarm systems and it was recording

    2. Ira says:

      Received a call, I answered saying hello several times with no response but noise in the background, called back and a young lady answered, I said someone called me from this number and she said something to another person that was with her then hung up, I called back again and a guy answered so I told him I was trying to find out what was going on, he said it was a wrong number but only after I suggested it...

    3. Asa says:

      This gurl is havin an affair with my husband and i am desperate to no who she is i am very hurt i got cell phone bill and he talk with her over 40 times i am aboutto getan lawyer

    4. Michal says:

      this lady is named Donna and is addicted to plenty of fish guys should give her a call....she is always up for a date :)

    5. Kennith says:

      Caution if called by this number

    6. Ray says:

      credit card - lower interest rates.. recording

    7. Moises says:

      unknown caller / hang-ups

    8. Aaron says:

      get calls from this number and other numbers that say SMS on a daily basis.  Always an older gentleman who asks for the owner and hangs up in a huff when he's unavailable.  Very rude.  Called the number back and got "This is Curt how can I help you".

    9. Raymon says:

      I got a call and no one talked so i hung up

    10. Berry says:

      1 txt. "Your entry last month has won! Go to HTTP://WWW.apple.com.ca.love.net and your Winning Code: "IWIN" to claim your Apple Ipaf

    11. Prince says:

      Called me twice with no response when I answered. I called the number back and a recording said the number was disconnected. How can a call be made from a disconnected number? This doesn't pass the smell test

    12. Adan says:

      This is a crossdresser playing on the phone

    13. Josef says:

      Did not answer but I am on the do not call list

    14. Coy says:

      my phone tell me it is varolii corp does any no about this company is it part of t-mobile?

    15. Millard says:

      me too. Saying that i'm looking good and we should maybe meet up. He or She gave me that website: uslck,com............