213-578 Phone Me Not

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    1. Mitchell says:

      Calls and does not leave a message

    2. Claud says:

      Call back is a disconnect number

    3. Ashley says:

      Continual annoying calls. Home phone and cell.

    4. Gene says:

      i'm a detective in the investigations she said for a payday loan dated back 2006 at andrews credit union have no i dear what she is talking about. she said i'm having a warrant for you.

    5. Michale says:

      I love the scary recording they use.  It is hilarious.  Also, the line "of course, I need to speak with you."

    6. Clemente says:

      I received a text claiming to be from Bank of America, and requests that I contact this phone number. I do not have an account with BofA. I also received the same text from a 301 area code and confirmed that it was a scam.

    7. Cyril says:

      Yes same here just now! Some weird guy! Said "I;m sorry!"

    8. Archie says:

      Got to work yesterday and was told I had a message with this phone number. Was told his name was Oscar Ortiz. I got home from work and had a message on my phone and it was this Oscar Ortiz. Clearly he had a foreign accent but not a latin accent like the name would suggest. He spoke slowly like he was reading a script and since I have had several scam calls, it was the exact same message as I have had before. I gather all the info I can find and turn them into my attorney general.

    9. Tracy says:

      Message said I needed to call right away...had a check to be picked up at Western Union. Don't have a clue and did not respond.

    10. Ellsworth says:

      the one who let me get away

    11. Alexis says:

      C/Card Solvers? Reduce your debts then charge a fee? I can do same thing!

    12. Chet says:

      Just received a call on my cell phone on this.  They left a voicemail about lowering interest rates and asked to press 1 to speak to live operator, etc.  It's an automated message.  No company name was mentioned.  

    13. Jeffery says:

      "The manic jack customer you have called is not accepting calls"

    14. Matthew says:

      text offering 50$ gift card from best buy

    15. Jean says:

      called my cell...no id...left no message