213-894 Phone Me Not

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    1. Donny says:

      I want to report this collection agency that keeps calling me. They eat up the minutes on my pre-paid cell phone! I have the same last name as other people in this area and NO debt that needs to be collected or settled. I've told them this before and still they continue to call me. What should I do. I'm on a "no calling list!"

    2. Alejandro says:

      Santander car co. I'm not evn 30 days late they call repeadtly from dfferent numbers. JERKS

    3. Steven says:

      do not accept calls from this guy.  he is a criminal preying on anyone who wnats to earn a dollar.  he pretends to be an employer for a mystery shop co.  he uses counterfeit money orders; he will be caught AS MY BANK NOTED THAT MONEY ORDER WAS COUNTERFEIT!

    4. Trent says:

      Please block this number, they are calling a business cell phone number.

    5. Rickie says:

      Indian iPhone/Web outsourcing company

    6. Berry says:

      this number calls me at the same time everyday. today, they called like 3 times, which is a lot more than usual. i did a bit of research tryin to at least find the city. i cross referenced 130 and 300 for area codes and neither exist. this is bulls*it. EXTREMELY aggravating.

    7. Ariel says:

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    8. Gabriel says:


    9. Jamar says:

      I had a missed call from this number... They left no voicemail

    10. Matt says:

      Builders and homeowners have sought out the expertise of Superior Glass & Aluminum in designing undersized and oversized shower doors, angled glass panels and steam enclosures.

    11. Kenneth says:

      Hi Peggie M. Mystery shoppers needed. $$$$ per assignment. If still interested, call 888-518-7466!! To Unsubscribe send STOP to 971-477-6630.

    12. Fred says:

      Scam, they act like they sent you copier supplies then hang up if you ask them any questions.

    13. Franklyn says:

      Wont add me to do not call list.

    14. Andy says:

      They are hacking FB accounts wanting you to add Greg Brad telling you will get money

    15. Noe says:

      Rude woman called asking for someone I don't know. Told her wrong person, and she still kept asking for her.