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    1. Cleveland says:

      its a scam they called me and said that i have been selected for a government grant of $6000.00 and told me to go to the closes western union and send them $149,00 and they would send me back $6149.00 back so i called the police and asked them they said that if the government was going to give you a grant that they would never ask me for a deposit

    2. Amos says:

      Public service announcement...if you owe any back taxes

    3. Marshall says:

      I got a call from this number. They said something that sounded familiar but very distrubing. Anybody else have something similar happen to them?

    4. Roscoe says:

      just got a call from these people 209-790-3768 for some random loan that i never took out and he was going on and on this is the 5th i have received a call from them and once i told them i contacted the police and A.G. office they hung up. I hear from them ever 3 to 4 months. I guess I will receive a call in a few months again. Biggest Scam ever he told me the American Goverment doesnt scare him that we cant do anything to him

    5. Amado says:

      Got call today, asked if I was the man of the house, had wrong address and wanted my correct one

    6. Bernard says:

      Link to information about this particular scam is http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/nothing/walmart.asp which was found on Snopes.com

    7. Robbie says:

      Got a call, first anonymously from a work-at-home company then from this number. work-at-home scam...but i never gave them my phone number. guess my clicking on my email was enough info for them

    8. Alonzo says:

      Yup this is some kind of scam. So much time invested in being a scumbag...

    9. Burt says:

      I don't have any doctors one that area code

    10. Lyndon says:

      third call from this number 323-059-4744

    11. Virgil says:

      Got a text saying "Jen said I should send you this". . Too bad I don't know anyone named Jen. obviously this is spam and a dangerous link.

    12. Rodger says:

      I got the same call today with a hang-up.

    13. Erick says:

      Automated message to refinance a mortgage.

    14. Lon says:

      Dutch miller Kia service dept

    15. Mariano says:

      Unsolicited call from home security business.