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    1. Theron says:

      The calls from this number started about 3 weeks ago. They usually phone twice a day except on the weekends when there is silence. No messages and if you pick up, silence. Got 3 today. What is even more annoying is we have family in Manitoba who are very ill. Each time it rings with the Manitoba area code we skip a heart beat. We plan to ignore them or give them a blast of a fog horn.

    2. Hector says:

      My employer allows me to work from home and set up a number - totally dedicated for work. So I have to answer because it could be a patient, a client or colleague from anywhere on the planet. This "service" is pandering to the fear and devastation caused from the Hurricane Sandy - speaking of looting and the importance of getting a security system. It coincides with my renewal to AARP. So this is a spam and phishing to trap the elderly into services they probably don't need. I am disgusted and hope there is a special place in Hades for folks like these.

    3. Theron says:

      Caller continues to call my father's cell phone even after repeated requests to stop.

    4. Mohammed says:

      I have gotten calls from this company for months. I have asked to be removed from their phone list and nothing changes.

    5. Lincoln says:

      Same here. What parts of the country are you in?

    6. Ty says:

      I got a text from my friend to call this number. 323-213-4134. "There's  something really funny that I have to tell you, call back me at 323-213-4134"

    7. Abe says:

      Asking for someone named George____. Clearly a telemarketer of some sort. Multiple calls. The first time I answered, and explained it was the wrong number, there was an immediate hangup. Obvious scammer.

    8. Reginald says:

      I keep getting phone calls from this number. HELP!!!!! How can you stop this.

    9. Humberto says:

      Automated reply concerning credit card debt

    10. Giovanni says:

      My company also received a request to purchase product, without be willing to furnish all the requested info. Very sketchy...

    11. Joel says:

      Said I signed up for online college classes. Don't pick up

    12. Darryl says:

      We keep getting calls from this dill hole and he wont quit sending pictures of his junk.

    13. Garland says:

      This man named Mark Johnson( foreigner with a American name) called my cell phone stating that I would be locked up and I will have to go to court on Monday.  When I told him that Monday is a holiday he got upset, telling me to shut up and listen to him and I had to agree that I understood everything that he was saying.  I argued that I had no clue who or what they were referring to.  They were very rude and would not let me speak to a supervisor.  I believe this was some sort of scam.  I called my cell phone company to make them aware that I received this call.  This is very scary.

    14. Rolland says:


    15. Irving says:

      They called stating they have info on me n I owe money I don't know these people