215-249 Phone Me Not

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  • 215-249-6103
  • 215-249-6104
  • 215-249-6105
  • 215-249-6106
  • 215-249-6107
  • 215-249-6108
  • 215-249-6109
  • 215-249-6110
  • 215-249-6111
  • 215-249-6112
  • 215-249-6113
  • 215-249-6114
  • 215-249-6115
  • 215-249-6116
  • 215-249-6117
  • 215-249-6118
  • 215-249-6119
  • 215-249-6120
  • 215-249-6121
  • 215-249-6122
  • 215-249-6123
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    1. Trevor says:

      home security system free...blah blah blah

    2. Cletus says:

      yep, phone rang, answered, nobody there.  I get Treading Advantage / Larry Levin emails so it does not surprise me that they called - but I don't like calls that don't answer when you do!

    3. Mac says:

      Spokeo website say this comes from Inc Barlett

    4. Sammie says:

      Same - License plate renewal. Frank is either an idiot or a troll.

    5. Dewitt says:

      needed me to get back asap regarding file number

    6. Reid says:

      This is the number that shows up whenever anyone calls from Children's Hospital in Birmingham, AL

    7. Eusebio says:

      Where is this call coming from?

    8. Jerome says:

      They were trying to sell something to me, and also wanted my credit card info....I asked for a call back phone#, and the rep stated she did not know one....that she had it in her wallet, I told her I could hear someone listening to the call.....and she said no, and that she was moving her ear piece. After sher said she finally had a number to give me....and I asked you said you didn't have a number, and she said oh yes sorry, but I found one for you.....I told her this didn't sound right, and disconnected call.

    9. Sean says:

      This number has been calling me for a week straight all day everyday and hasn't left a message. I won't be answering until they learn to leave me a message.

    10. Marco says:

      Got a call from 516-175-2245 on my cell phone. No message was left, when I called it back, the call could not be completed as dialed, would not go through. I am on the national do not call list with my home phone and cell phone.

    11. Quentin says:

      Didn't leave msg as I let machine pick up.  Internet says about credit card fraud.  Unknown caller

    12. Lyle says:

      Same here, indian accented lady states she got my personal cell phone from a "merchant list". It has been registered on the DNC list for almost 2 years.  Wanted to give me a merchant account.

    13. Sal says:

      Weird; I just got a call from this number on my cell too.  Normally I wouldn't answer if I didn't recognize the number, but it was local and I was expecting a call.  But when I answered they hung up; so I decided to search to see who it was and found this.

    14. Norbert says:

      Keeps calling butleaves no message

    15. Brett says:

      Spanish spam, keeps calling several times a week