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    1. Reuben says:

      Woke me up on my nap and had the nerve to raise voice to me. They kind of treat me as if I am a criminal or as if I have a large debt from them. I am not even the person they are looking for.

    2. Ivory says:

      This is getting ridiculous. They call me almost every day. I work nights. I leave my phone on for my father for emergencies. I have tried calling back to get myself removed from the list--ANYTHING. But I'm going absolutely mental. These jerks NEED TO STOP CALLING. I'm not interested in two free tickets to Nassau!

    3. Ralph says:

      3096636700 they ara a claims company

    4. Alonso says:

      It's a debt collection place

    5. Duane says:

      selling prescrption drugs from India

    6. Son says:

      I received a call from 203 211 4578 I didn't answer the phone. And no message was ever left. I tried calling back the next day, and my "Call can not be completed". I beleive that the call originated from an other country. Possible from Colombia. Sort of like a magic jack system taht they have. Friends use a internet cafe which discover a way to call the state por pennies.

    7. Jarrett says:

      spam, talks about your computer is not receiving updates

    8. Ken says:

      This call came from a fake creditor trying to obtain information from me. Do not answer!!!

    9. Myles says:

      This number called with a weird line and then the "man" wanted to know personal information such as my age.  When asked why he said, "because I think you're cute and I want to get to know you."  I hung up after telling him I don't think so.

    10. Rubin says:

      Illegal spam by text promoting an overstock auction site (zbiddy.com). This telephone number is a service based in Clarksburg, WV. I have filed a complaint with my state AG, as well as the W. Virginia AG. Pure unsolicited spam. No previous relationship.

    11. Omer says:

      spam from www.escortmeet.net /// sent a lot of text from different numbers and don't stop

    12. Ty says:

      This number dialed my fax and actually said "Welcome Home" which freaks me out b/c I just came home :/

    13. George says:

      got this text message on cell phone minutes ago - "8:03 am -3232037459 Is lack of MONEY a problem? If up to $1100 today would help, visit

    14. Abel says:

      want to block just for today

    15. Gustavo says:

      tries to buy items on craigslist and pay u with western union.