215-645 Phone Me Not

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    1. Milan says:

      Id Spoof Sent Dick Pix Wants Discount

    2. Angelo says:

      They also have a 949 335 8158 number!

    3. Augustine says:

      Someone from (270) 601-4234 keeps calling me and hanging up! Very DISRESPECTFUL!!!! DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN!!!

    4. Rashad says:

      They called I ansewered and no one was there.

    5. Cruz says:

      one lady called on our land line number asking my mother my cell number,she was knowing my name also.

    6. Joe says:

      SELLER BEWARE.Someone is texting me about an item I posted and wanting me to ship the item before he/she releases the "confrimation code" to receive Western Union payment. This scum of the earth is the reason CL asks us to deal only locally.The phone number used for these texts is 347-974-0976Don't be fooled.

    7. Wiley says:

      I received a call from New A Co today 2-21-12 from 360-529-6130. I answered by the my small business Co. name twice and received no response.

    8. Dorian says:

      I just received a call from 207-205-4316 and was told I'd be given $7,800 if I went to a local Western Union & gave them an immediately refundable $220 for an "ID" check. Then, they'd give me $7,800 plus the $220 in immediate refund money.  Look, I'm sorry some of you were defrauded.  Obviously, you've never had to deal with the government for anything. You will NEVER get free grant money without months of paper-work & red tape to cut through. C'mon people!  You seriously fell for this?  I told off "Rose" my Grant officer asking how she could sleep at night.  Be smarter than this!!!!

    9. Jed says:

      From what I can tell...this is a Sears related call for setting up, then following up on service calls. I just had work done on my dishwasher.

    10. Gus says:

      cop. uses the name mike and says hes in sales w/ business card.

    11. Reed says:

      Just received a call for the first time from that number, didn´t have time to answer and NO intention to call back.

    12. Kirby says:

      Yes i got a call from that number. they said there might be a problem with my xps 8300's mother board

    13. Jackson says:

      Called saying stay on the phone if you have been injured in an accident

    14. Jan says:

      Received 4 text messages from this number saying they reviewed my application for a receptionist position I applied for and to call 888-523-1045.  Instead, I called the 312 number back, "Diana" from "The Employee Network" answered "Hello is this _____ " - she used my first name.  She claimed she was a third party service for an "employer who wanted to remain confidential".  She proceeded to try to "verify" my information but declined to answer the job engine she got my number from.  She got very irritated when I refused to give information and when I told her most employers don't text perspective employees, she replied, "But that is your opinion, correct?  Should I just tell them you are not interested and we will not contact you anymore, then?"  I think she got pissed when I told her yes LOL - SPAM indeed.

    15. Al says:

      Said, "good morning, ma'am," and hung up.