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    1. Sherwood says:

      Recently received one call... no message was left. Called number back and it was some kid slurring his words like an idiot and you can't even understand what he is saying. Whomever this is is NOT a professional.

    2. Jerry says:

      call about a credit card ordered. when I never ordered one

    3. Forest says:

      This is one of those educational assistance companies. If you filled out a survey of some kind and said you wanted help going back to school, that's probably how they got your number.

    4. Randolph says:

      Don't no why they call but I wish they stop .

    5. Francesco says:

      tried to sell me sum bartanica encycloprdia

    6. Emmanuel says:

      She said she represented Dish TV , when I told her I was on the do not call list she replied, well shut my mouth, like i really care,she was very rude, I reported her to he national do not call registry,

    7. Mohammed says:

      They want a bank information to steal your money from your bank do not do it

    8. Conrad says:

      Do not call this # to activate your CC - it is in error - call the # on the back of your CC.  I called in & reported it - so be sure and do that so they can correct this matter.

    9. Leandro says:

      "...you will be seen your self in orange dress with black bride grooms. THENK YOU."

    10. Earle says:

      They called on my cell, but when I picked up there was just silence. I figured it was a solicitation and hung up.

    11. Antione says:

      The same Google people who are not really Google. They just seem to change the number they are calling from. I have "asked" to be removed from a multitude of numbers and they just keep calling but it is from different numbers. I guess the good old "Magic Jack" is working for them. I finally pressed 1 to talk to a live "Google specialist". I asked all kinds of questions like, do they actually work for Google? They said no. Do you actually get my listing higher up if other companies do the pay-per-click method of getting higher ratings? They said no. I then asked, if I have selected numerous times from numerous phone numbers to be removed, why don't you guys remove me? I know it is the same company calling me because you use the same recorded message and voice. They hung up on me. Oh well. I think I may get a whistle and blow it in their ears next time.

    12. Gaston says:

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    13. Renaldo says:

      She goes by Alicia on several escort sites. She has a Pimp name Tony. They have a Vanilla Reload scam.She acts like she works for Vanilla Visa.

    14. Kelvin says:

      received text message on cell phone. Unsolicited, unwanted, not appreciated.

    15. Dominique says:

      Called me Thanksgiving morning and left a message.  I looked up the number here then called them back.  I informed the person who answered that I could not be arrested for owing a debt and he argued briefly then told me he would "sue my a**" and began to get belligerent.  I argued with him and announced quietly each time a minute would tick off.  After 6 minutes, I informed him that I had not only contacted the State Attorney General's office, but that he should really be more careful because I happened to be an IT Security professional and that I have been tracking this communication as it bounced from server to server since he was using VOIP and that I would be passing along all the information I had received.  I told him that I waited until the IP didn't change for a minute to be sure that I had a pretty good idea that it was the originating IP.  He hung up on me and when I called back I found my number has been blocked.  That means he can't call me either.  Raise a glass for the good ones and I hope that this helps someone else.