216-256 Phone Me Not

  • 216-256-5670
  • 216-256-5671
  • 216-256-5672
  • 216-256-5673
  • 216-256-5674
  • 216-256-5675
  • 216-256-5676
  • 216-256-5677
  • 216-256-5678
  • 216-256-5679
  • 216-256-5680
  • 216-256-5681
  • 216-256-5682
  • 216-256-5683
  • 216-256-5684
  • 216-256-5685
  • 216-256-5686
  • 216-256-5687
  • 216-256-5688
  • 216-256-5689
  • 216-256-5690
  • 216-256-5691
  • 216-256-5692
  • 216-256-5693
  • 216-256-5694
  • 216-256-5695
  • 216-256-5696

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    1. Eliseo says:

      Robot voice said my debit card was locked and to press 1 to connect with security. I hung up.

    2. Rufus says:

      Just got a call from this number too.  I reported them to the DNC registry, looked up at whitepages.com reverse lookup, listed as private or unpublished.  They are located in LA.

    3. Lee says:

      Keeps calling even after I tell them to stop, Over 6 calls a day

    4. Eduardo says:

      Started calling because I was looking for jobs online.

    5. Hung says:

      no message left...screen said NO CtrlNtwk O

    6. Stevie says:

      They call every day about insurance. It's a recording. Very annoying.

    7. Patrick says:

      I have received both the person of interest and the social security scam calls from this number: 213-261-0113.  The recordings asked me to call 800-801-9141.  How can these people continue to operate when they are using the telephone network to commit fraud?

    8. Rosario says:

      309-636-8393 is the number on the website for the people that control Elite Publishing, and they are extortionists’'! They force their advertisement on too your business without approval, and no results. Elite Publishing is not eligible to join the Better Business Bureau (BBB) because of the numerous unresolved complaints filed with the BBB. This was posted for their poor business ethics' and their nasty business practice. (It’s called results advertisement Elite Publishing).

    9. Willis says:

      Two calls until now during the night to my cell phone

    10. Daniel says:

      1-248-397-5026 txt my phone saying I have a job for u. It is listed as a google voice number registered to michigan. This person won't pick up when called and is clearly running a scam

    11. Hai says:

      Caller trying to imitate my credit card provider and attempting to sell me better interst rate. Upon contacting my credit card provider they advise they are NOT making such calls and to definitely not provide this caller with any of my data

    12. Jake says:

      I wish to know whose number is this?

    13. Leopoldo says:

      I got a call from this num

    14. Lamont says:

      They try to spam u out of getting a puppy mailed to u.

    15. Alden says:

      Continue to get calls from this number. When I answer, they hang up. They've called three times in 2 hours today. I finally picked up and didn't say anything. The person unmuted themselves (a man) and said "Hello?". I could hear a lot of noise in the background. Not sure if it was a call center or what. I have traced the caller twice now and will be turning them over to law enforcement.