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    1. Tanner says:

      your entry last month has won. go to web site to claim your 1,000 dollar gift card

    2. Lionel says:

      3 texts in last 4 minutes telling me I'm approved for money

    3. Olen says:

      Not sure who this is They call me over and over. When I try to call it back, there is never an answer or I get a strange recording about a do not call list. Wish the calls would stop!!!

    4. Loyd says:

      Received a text on 12/7 stating I won a gift card from best buy for $1000 go to bestbuyrwdcntr.com/6/? enter code. I couldn't get on the website. Is this a scam? Does best buy know?

    5. Chet says:

      This company is taking money from people.... I would like to know if there's any way  I can report that

    6. Ronny says:

      This person called my old phone nyumber and said they needed to talk to me about decisions im making in my life and i dont even know who it is

    7. Laurence says:

      Have been getting this call multiple times a day for a week or two now. Pressed the option to be removed from list, and was not. Got ahold of a customer service person and said (very calmly) when he asked my name, "I'm an aggrivated person. You are calling my home multiple times a day. There are no seniors here, and I am starting to feel harassed." He hung up on me.

    8. Stephen says:

      Just got one stating that I can test and keep the new Iphone5. Ya right!

    9. Octavio says:

      I got a call from this number. The guy has a South Asian accent (sounds like from India). He said "we got a message from your computer that there is an internal error". I told him it sounds like the scam already reported to the police and I hanged up. Beware of this person, he sounds like bad news.

    10. Granville says:

      I got a call, but didn't leave a message

    11. Bryan says:

      A give away, automated system

    12. Joaquin says:

      yes i did they are monsterous people:D I am one of them

    13. Lindsey says:

      Just got a call from these bi****s.

    14. Domingo says:

      threating,And never unblock her again

    15. Manual says:

      A couple people have emailed me regarding this phone number.  My company (RPM Films) USED to have this number through RingCentral, but I gave it up more than a year ago.  While we do specialize in industrial, corporate and legal videos (as well as short films) we do not represent any legal entity. If you get a phone call from them representing themselves as such I want it clear that they are in no way related to my company.