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    1. Elbert says:

      I tried calling back. it answers "National Opinion Research Center"

    2. Curt says:

      I have recieved so many of these scam calls, bought a phone that I can block calls on. Happy camper now. Told that idiot not to call again and then blocked the number. The funny thing is that he knew my last name. Of course he could have gotten my number from public records as I own a home. Still strange.

    3. Doug says:

      It was a recording about signing up for credit cards! track them and report them!

    4. Fredric says:

      She left a message/could tell they are telemarking office with background noise.  We have remodeling business and her msg said if we want more work to call her back.

    5. Orlando says:

      No one answered this number just call

    6. Britt says:

      Oh please..people..this is Allstate Van Lines Relocation Div.! They give you their 1-800 number to call, but they call YOU on their local line. I was very pleased to find that out, as I don't pick up or call numbers I don't recognize..but I AM doing business with them atm. Chillllllllllllll

    7. Owen says:

      Sallie Mae Bill Collector

    8. Wayne says:

      got a call yesterday at about 230pm and he said he was calling about my computer, he works for Microsoft and that my computer had viruses that need to be removed. he had an accent and the connection was not good, there was background noise. He wanted me to get on my computer and i told him i was not at home. Kept wanting to know when i would get home so that he could call back. I told him i didn't know what time i would get home. I told him he was fading out and said goodby and hung up. He called me twice after 5pm but i did not answer it.

    9. Desmond says:

      So weird experience is the same. No talking.

    10. Lucius says:

      I just received a call from this number today. They stated they were calling for a Derrick Thomas and the name of their company is Diversified Consultants. I asked the lady what kind of company they were and she told me to look it up online (Google it). I asked her why she couldnt tell me over the phone and she refused to answer my question. I then hung up on her. Very rude people whoever they are. They don't have their facts straight either, because I am not Derrick Thomas.

    11. Wilbur says:

      Please stop sending sms to the above mentioned number.

    12. Willie says:

      9 calls in the past three days.

    13. Antione says:

      I did not call u. Don't have your#

    14. Shaun says:

      Hey I just received the same call, same thing happened, didn't go on my computer, thought it was kinda strange. I told her I couldn't talk to her and she kept calling me back, I let the voicemail go on

    15. Riley says:

      Received call earlier this morning, showed the following number: 312-235-2243. Did not answer. No further information at this time.