217-568 Phone Me Not

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    1. Dario says:

      I got that same call you did is this real ,are do you think this is a scam, I do

    2. Preston says:

      Harassing calls and texts

    3. Lenard says:

      Same here. Won't stop texting me the same thing!!!

    4. Doug says:

      This is a collection agency. They are aggressive, rude and they use dirty tricks, most of which are illegal. If you get a text from them, it's because they are trying to trick you into giving them your current address. Be careful, they will even use relatives names (spouses, mothers, sisters, brothers, uncles etc.) or names of people that you know in order to get personal information. Block the number and write as many posts as you can about the number on-line.

    5. Gilbert says:

      Missed the call. I called back, recording said the number is out of service

    6. Garret says:

      me too.  callled twice in two days, first time didn't pick up.  today just picked up, heard series of beeps and then a hangup.  BLOCK!

    7. Emory says:

      They call repeatedly, multiple times a day and interrupt all manner of activities. Block, block, block! Either no one on the other end, or twice a recording of a woman's voice saying: This is Hannah, how are you today? Am reporting this number. Have had enough.

    8. Miquel says:

      They even knew my name. Spammers never stop....

    9. Stacy says:

      Got call too, no message left

    10. Carlo says:

      Foreigner. Metro blocked her, but she still called.

    11. Leif says:

      Just blocked the number.  Calls all times of the day & night & no one on the other end.  This is ridiculous!

    12. Frances says:

      Has called twice and doesn't say anything or leave message.

    13. Morton says:

      i got lots of these same messages and changed my phone number i am in texasand have t-mobile

    14. Reginald says:

      received call today from this number with no VM. shows as unknown. Left no message.

    15. Mohammad says:

      I am on the do not call list-why am I still get calls from these a**-holes?