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    1. Eloy says:

      DELIVERY OF YOUR CONSIGNMENT FROM IRAQ You are hereby informed that we are in receipt of your consignment sent to our office in Iraq for immediate delivery to your designated house address in the United States of America. I write to inform you that we have completed the delivery arrangement and that the Diplomat (Larry Gates) will be leaving today to arrive the United States tomorrow. He shall be contacting you upon his arrival at the JFK International Airport, New York for further direction to your home. Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this mail as confirmation of your consent / readiness to receive your consignment. Regards, Mr. Zai Sang Head of Operations, DDS, Middle-East Zone.

    2. Buster says:

      Checked the number and located name and email it is called Firstchoicefinancialresource.com...They are using phone numbers 727-725-4499

    3. Hyman says:

      Loser wasted hour of my time and clals at the last minute offering me 1/2 my rate.

    4. Asa says:

      I called it back. Vision Financial collection agency in Illinois.

    5. Shelton says:

      A telemarketer called about some internet job. It was a recording.

    6. Jeffery says:

      I am on the don't registry this company called me 15x and also from this number they are totally annoying and they need to stop calling people.

    7. Freddy says:

      also received a text on iphone with exact message as "a web user". do not have a GFA FCU acct, but was told card was deactivated and to call the same 978 #.

    8. Rory says:

      just got it. but i didn't return the call.

    9. Marcos says:

      Gotten about 50 calls from this number in the past couple weeks.

    10. Orval says:

      Just got a call from 2093988989 - I didn't answer

    11. Valentine says:

      They asked if I had been injured in an accident and wanted to know if I wanted my claim looked at

    12. Chung says:

      Calls my cell but leaves no message.

    13. Jame says:

      I just called this number and it said it was an automated opt-out number that would remove my number from telemarketing lists. I don't believe it so I just hung up and I hope they don't call back...

    14. Lewis says:

      262-706-1367 Oh joy now they are ringing both lines...

    15. Sidney says:

      Got the same- called the number  got a legit personal phone message;