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    1. Armando says:

      the called me and ask for 380 and hey ..I tall hime what kind money you give too me and I don't have to pay back .hey say the money from the government ..I was abut to give home The's money but I ask my self why the want 380 from me and I want online and I Search for The's m..f number and I want sea thx every one we have too stop The's man ..thank you all and God bless you all ...

    2. Ed says:

      It was about health ensurance

    3. Ronnie says:

      So glad I have Mr.Number! Keep on blocking.

    4. Ronnie says:

      Just got a voicemail from a Jackie Motley from PreLegal dept. of Hazelworth and Associates about civil complaint about to filed against me in Solano County, case #005661 and says 'good luck'!?!

    5. Cole says:

      just got a call from this same number ., it was in spanish and was asking for donations for something regarding the police department or he claims.  Anyhow, the area code is from Austin - I'm nowhere near.  I just told the guy who sounded as if in a can  - no interested.   He proceeded to ask again..,  hung up.  Yep, scammer of sorts.

    6. Hoyt says:

      This is a scammer...I caught him at his game...

    7. Reed says:

      Feb11Renie Hi Vivek, first of all thanks! Strange coiedicnnce, but Anwin was mentioning the need for a contact page just yesterday, and now that you brought it up as well, we'll have one up soon!Sitemap you're right, we didn't feel the site is big enough for a sitemap just yet. We'll look into it though.Showing recent posts from the blogs that's something blog aggregators do, and we don't want to be doing that. We believe that a blog's content should be shown on the blog alone, and displaying anything on our site would be stealing! Also, you're right sorting out through thousands of feeds can be complicated. Are you a web developer by any chance?

    8. Omer says:

      Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://ipad3winner.co and enter code BETA will Receive it! SPAM

    9. Trenton says:

      Went through a menu that led me nowhere. Transferred 3 times... and then put on hold indefinitely. I'm guessing this is an unprofessional debt collection agency? Lame.

    10. Wallace says:

      I received the call from Anthony who claimed he represented Consumer Financial. He then proceeded to inquire about my unsecured debt..when I told him that I did not need his services, he became belligerent, told me F@#* U and hung up the phone. I tried to call the number back only to find that the number is not valid. FRUSTRATING!

    11. Johnathan says:

      I received a call from a man from this number asking who I was after he had called 3 times restricted. When I wouldn't tell him my name he said he would find out who I was and started cussing me. Seriously people, get over yourselves. Ever thought people may give out the wrong number on purpose? This is the second time this has happened and I've had my cell number for over 10 yrs. I shouldn't have to change it.

    12. Cyrus says:

      Caller said "Suck my *@%&". Sounded like a teenage boy.

    13. Robert says:

      Selling cheaper insurance

    14. Caleb says:

      A missed call from 204-283-7694.  Have seen it in the past.  Told them to remove my number from their system.  It has not been done.

    15. Dominic says:

      Called without leaving message. Would not identify themselves when I called back. Call came from Pinetops, NC