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    1. Freeman says:

      This number keeps calling our business and hanging up. I have tried all the numbers to be removed and shocking enough nothing works. This is turning into harrassment and it needs to stop!!!

    2. Andre says:

      called left no message. Pennsylvania number. I don't know anyone in PA.

    3. Jude says:

      Spam text asking "if I or anybody I knew still smoked. www.smoke8.com is giving away free e-cig trails."SPAM NUMBER

    4. Dominique says:

      Fake number? The answering machine claims this number is for Rosa but that is not who I am trying to contact.

    5. Rudy says:

      University of Phoenix. You submit a request online for more information on a particular area of study, and they call you non stop - sometimes 8x a day until you answer. THEN I don't feel like the call is for my benefit, they are twisting and pushing you to pay into them. Do you smell commission off enrollment? I didn't even get the information I requested about the program.University of Phoenix, great way to piss off and push away prospective students!! They also spam from their AZ number - 855-808-1875.

    6. Chas says:

      someone called me from this number and im not sure who the owner is and im very curious

    7. Lindsay says:

      was in spanish, which i do not speak, but seemed like they said something about exclusive offer

    8. Erik says:

      Just had a kall from this number so weird it was a mexican guy not sure wat he wanted

    9. Floyd says:

      yea me too. this number keeps calling my home phone and waits for the machine to pick up and then doesn't leave a message.

    10. Lazaro says:

      My wife made an appointment with these people because she said they were with Progress Engery.  We looked at caller ID and it said Unknown Number and I called the number back and got the old "Your call cannot be completed as dialed."  We will see if they show up at the house.

    11. Rick says:

      They keepcalling and hanging up

    12. Donny says:

      Contiously calling for someone else

    13. Fletcher says:

      Received same as above.  I hit '9' to find out who was calling.  I told them to take me off their list.  The guy said "can't do that" and hung up.  I believe that is a violation of Iowa's do not call and solicitation calls.

    14. Garfield says:

      IC Systems seems as if its for ATT collection agency. Cant leave me a number I'm blocking them

    15. Simon says:

      They call me every day and when I answer they don't say anything...and then when I call back, it's not a working number!  Please help!